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Christmas Photo Ideas

Sujata Iyer Dec 18, 2018
There are many Christmas photo ideas that you can try out this year to do away with something that you've been using every year. Let's see some of them.
Christmas is all about sharing and caring. It is about spreading the cheer and making everyone feel special. This is done by sending out Christmas cards to the people that are far away.
It is done to make them realize that even though they may be far away by distance, they are still close at heart. By sending photo cards, you can personalize the greeting. Plus, because 'pictures can say a thousand words' you can keep them updated about your family with a picture rather than writing a long letter about it.

Some Unique and Creative Christmas Photo Ideas


The best backdrop that can be used is your own house. Since it's Christmas, you'll definitely be decorating your home with the most festive decorations. For the photo, make it a point to make your decorations more attractive.
Go all out on the tree and decorate the area around it with some beautiful ornaments and gifts. Click a well-lit snap of this picture-perfect home and paste it on a blank card. Write down a note inside the card wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.


The most perfect models for Christmas photos are your family members. After all, Christmas is a time to be spent with the family. Click a family portrait with everyone wearing a same ridiculous outfit.
Or you can have a theme decided for the picture.
Either go with the usual red and green or you can have a gold and white theme. A tip for this idea: have the entire family dressed in beautiful flowing white, soft fabric garment, bordered with golden lace. You can stand using a window with frosted decoration as a backdrop to complete the look.


For this idea, you'll need a lot of props. You'll need to replicate the manger in which Jesus was born and use that as the model for your Christmas photo.
Here, you have two options. Either get all the kids in your family to pose as different members of the party that were present (Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Three Kings etc.) or you can have life size figures and arrange them accordingly. Decorate it perfectly to give it an authentic look.


Another idea that you can use is an outdoor one. If your family has been on a vacation recently, you're sure to have clicked some fabulous pictures while on it.
Select one of the best pictures and use them as your Christmas card photo. It could be just a beautiful location or a group photo or something totally random, but pleasing to the eyes. Get copies of this picture made. Take it up as a craft project, involve your kids and paste the pictures on the card.
In order to make these ideas more effective, you can write or get some Christmas poems printed inside the cards that you're going to send out. Have a wonderful time making some wonderful memories.