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Christmas Plays for Small Churches

Medha Godbole Dec 17, 2018
There is no limit to creativity and imagination while preparing for Christmas plays for small churches. There are a huge number of ideas one can choose from for this purpose. All it takes is good planning and organization, to pull of a memorable event for all the churchgoers.
Curtains are pulled up and there is a huge round of applause. The play progresses and as it happens, the audience is totally moved. The play ends, the curtains come down and the audience comes out of the church absolutely charmed and enchanted.
You might say that plays normally happen in drama theaters where do churches fit in the picture? Well, for all those who do not know, let me tell you that during Christmas it is very common to have plays being staged in churches. It enhances the festive spirit of the season very well. Here we will deal with some ideas for Christmas plays for small churches.

Planning and Conceptualizing

The purpose of these plays is to usher in the festive season and essence of Christmas. Those who are into organizing these plays have a challenging task ahead. However, with a little bit of passion and creativity, 'impossible is nothing'!
Think of who all are going to act in the Christmas play. Also think of props and costumes required for creating the appropriate setup on the stage. Be faithful and committed to the story for plot details. Go through the story as many times as needed till it completely fits in your mind.
Also, consider how you can present the story in the best way possible on the stage. Even if you choose a play and you would be enacting, the focus of the play should not sway somewhere else, the story has to be highlighted. Christmas plays for small churches are usually easier to direct and enact.

Christmas Play Ideas for Churches

If you are creative enough and a book worm, we are sure you will get ideas for Christmas plays for churches at the snap of your fingers. Moreover, these have to be good as they are an important part of the celebrations.

Idea #1

As Christmas is all about Jesus Christ, a play can be themed on the disciples of Jesus, who were 12 in all. The play can revolve around their relations with Jesus and how did they come to be the Apostles, with a focus on Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus. That will be in tune with the traditions, isn't it?

Idea #2

You would be surprised to know that in the Medieval Era or the Middle ages, people were hardly enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas. St. Francis of Assisi then took the initiative and came up with a combination of theater and Christmas carols to get people involved. The singers told a story in each song. These were known as the nativity plays.

Idea #3

Another idea for Christmas plays for small churches is to consider some Christmas related inanimate things, like mistletoe or socks or presents as living and speaking. Through their dialog and probable actions, bring out the history of the festivities or what the celebration is meant to be for.

Idea #4

If you are looking for Christmas plays for kids, what can be done is these children can play roles of different people related to Jesus Christ, although with a twist. They will, through the course of the play talk about the good things associated with Christmas in a modern and contemporary context.
These were just a few ideas. You can find many more on the Internet or you will at least find sources to get them. That is all! Wishing that you have great Christmas celebrations! Ciao till next time!