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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Debopriya Bose Dec 19, 2018
Use your imagination and these Christmas tree decorating ideas to make this festive season a memorable one...
With Christmas round the corner, everyone is busy shopping for gifts and Christmas decorations. The merry time of the year has finally arrived, when all family members come together, wrapping presents and decorating their homes. The Christmas tree occupies the center stage in Christmas celebrations, the anticipation for the eve to come is almost palpable!!
Finding new and innovative ways of decorating the tree; is what many of us are on the look out for. Are you one of those? If yes, then here are some Christmas tree decorating ideas that you can work on by choosing any of these Christmas tree themes. Then, work on it by the various options that Christmas ornaments and lighting patterns offer.

Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

Christmas ornaments and lights add beauty to our Christmas tree. Though traditionally, these have been used as Christmas tree decorations, if you want to make your tree a little different, why not make the decorations revolve around a theme? This would give you great ideas which would give you scope to innovate.

Snow Theme

Christmas and snowflakes! Not difficult to gel the two, are they? What's more? With the winter season in progress, getting ideas to decorate the tree around this theme would not be difficult either. Use white lights, it could be solid or twinkling.
Put a couple of snowmen as Christmas tree decorations. Keeping in spirit with the theme, use crystal clear snowflake ornaments. You could also add miniature wooden sleds. Add white glass balls to complete the effect. You would definitely require a tree skirt to keep all those Christmas gifts, won't you? Go for the pure white one for the snowy effect.
Does the winter and 'snow' on your Christmas tree remind you of Happy Feet? Add a couple of penguin ornaments riding on snowflakes! You could either use Christmas ornaments or cut pictures of penguins and the snowman.

Angel Theme

Want the Angels to look after you every night? Then why not decorate the Christmas tree with an Angel theme? If it is the angel theme that you choose for your Christmas tree, then it is best to start looking for creative Christmas tree ornaments.
Alternatively, you can cut angel shapes from paper and color them accordingly. Do not forget to hang magic wands. Let them work as you make your wish every night. Let the angels peep at you from the heavens by hanging stars on your tree. This effect can be provided using twinkling white lights.

Family Theme

Let the Christmas tree be a big family album. Pass gold colored strings through pictures of family members and hang them on branches of the tree.
Another option is to buy small, round or oval flat pieces of wood. Stick pictures of family members on each side and hang these pieces using ribbons. You can use small and light picture frames or insert photos shrunk in clear balls that can be opened.

Unique Themes

Are you good with working on computers? Decorate your Christmas tree with CDs, floppy disks with Christmas poems, photos of family, and friends with words of greetings on them.
For those who love music, decorate your Christmas tree with miniature models of various musical instruments like violin, guitar, flutes and so on. Cut the photocopied music notes into thin strips and use the strips as garlands to decorate the tree.
If you can use computers and music, then why not your favorite sport? If it is baseball that you love, hang miniature baseball bats, gloves and balls on your tree. Your Christmas tree decorations can also include pictures of your favorite baseball star.
These were just a few of the most feasible and interesting Christmas tree themes, that can be managed within a short deadline. Other themes could be based on Hawaii where you went for your last vacation or in case you love traveling, how about depicting a road journey full of cars, maps and roads? There is no limit to Christmas tree decorating ideas.

Traditional Ideas


Lights add a lot of sparkle and shine to your Christmas tree. There are options galore as far as lights for the tree are concerned. You can use electric lights that glow constantly or flickers.
LED lights or faceted glass bulbs can also be used. Whatever the means of lighting, the placement is the crucial aspect to get the effect right. Start from the lower branches, then move on to decorate the upper ones.

Flowers and Garlands

By using flowers or garlands, you can add that extra touch of beauty and festivity to Christmas. You can use real flowers. However, if you plan to have the Christmas tree standing in your home a week before the festival, then opting for silk flowers would be a good idea.
Or else if you are ready to put in the efforts of changing flowers everyday, go for fresh flowers to decorate your Christmas tree. If you are good with crafts, why not improvise Christmas tree decoration with ribbons. Use ribbons to make bows or flowers or simply drape some bright and attractive ones around the tree.

Christmas Ornaments

This is probably the most exciting part of decorating Christmas tree. From balls, to candy sticks to stars and gift packets, as far as Christmas ornaments are concerned, you can let your imagination run wild.
These are easily available in the market. However since it is holiday time, one has enough time to decorate one's Christmas tree using homemade Christmas ornaments.
With these ideas, fill this Christmas with fun and excitement. Become a part of the festivities and fervor of Christmas around the world. Merry Christmas!