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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Anish Chandy Dec 18, 2018
Decorating a Christmas tree, first done during the time of King George III, is an activity that brings togetherness and joy to any family. These simple tips to help decorate your Christmas tree will spread joy and cheer this Christmas season.
The Christmas tree holds center stage for the week leading up to Christmas, and the week after it. A lot of effort and resources is expended in procuring just the right tree for your house. But the irony is that not many people know of the history behind the tree and its origins.
The individual responsible for the Christmas tree was Queen Charlotte, the German-born wife of George III, the 'Mad King'. On Christmas Day 1800, she held a party for the children of Windsor, the centerpiece of which was Britain's first recorded Christmas tree, a yew decorated with sweetmeats, toys, and candles.
But it became something that seemed like it was the prerogative of only the Royals. It was Prince Albert who turned it into a national one by propagating it thorough the national newspaper.
Decorations for the Christmas tree have evolved over the years. Initially, the idea was to fill it with all kinds of ornaments and colorful items.
Then came the lights. Ostentationism was well entrenched in the Christmas tree culture. Nowadays, Christmas trees are used to depict a certain aspect of your life, i.e., hobbies, moods, frame of mind, etc. It denotes something that is positive and full of hope.
A wedding or baby theme can reflect the events of the past year, or the year ahead. Current interests, activities, and family events can be a source of themes that will add to family memories when viewed in the photo albums in the future. The arrival of a baby can be a theme.
A step-by-step approach is required when decorating the Christmas tree. The most important step is to decide on the type of tree itself. The tree is usually chosen after the buyer looks at the number of branches and the way that they are shaped.
He has to feel good about the tree at the outset. If each layer of branch has a staggered appearance, the process of decoration is expedited. Most trees with a fresh cut will drink many quarts of water in the first few hours, so check the water level in your tree stand several times a day.
A wilt resistant spray that can be applied to trees before bringing them indoors that claims to keep needles fresh for several weeks. Before getting down to the task of decorating the tree it is advisable to decide on the kind of effect that needs to be achieved.
Ideally, two sets of lights can be used. The shorter set will spiral around the trunk of the tree from top to bottom, while the longer version will spiral around the branches.
The color scheme must ensure that the tree has a minimalist but grand look to it. It would be ideal if a two-color scheme was employed. It could be a choice between green, gold, purple, and red.
Place the main color on the tips of the branches and the secondary color deeper into the tree, giving depth to the display. However, if the minimalist look is to be eschewed, then many ornaments can be used. At least dozen 'filler' ornaments for every 2 feet of tree can be used. These can be inexpensive glass balls readily available at discount stores.
There is no point decorating the back of the tree, as it will not be visible in any case. Strands of beads can be looped over the ends of the branches. If the beads have a glossy finish, it would be great as it would reflect the light all over the room.
Finally at the top of the tree, the most important ornament must be added. This is something that symbolizes the spirit of Christmas, so it must be unique as well as elegant. Stars and angels have been some of the popular choices in the past.
Now that the tree is made, there arises the problem of the tree stand. If the tree stand is visible it could spoil the entire display and take away the magic of the moment. It is imperative that the stand remains covered at all times.
There are innumerable ways in which a Christmas tree can be decorated. This is just one of them. But of all the ways, the one that always works is the one in which the family has put in the effort in all the stages, from planning and execution to delight.