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Christmas Tree Themes

Debopriya Bose Dec 17, 2018
With Christmas approaching, you must be hunting for some refreshing and innovative ways to adorn your Christmas tree. From the traditional Santa Claus to the unusual movie theater theme, here are a couple of interesting themes to choose from.

Did You Know?

The White House Christmas tree also has a themed motif. The tradition of having a themed tree began in 1961, and was initiated by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
We all eagerly look forward for Christmas, and with the festival just around the corner, everyone is busy looking for new ideas and themes for Christmas decorations. 
Be it at home or at stores, the Christmas tree is an important aspect of celebrations. Decorating it is something that is enjoyed by both the young and grown ups. This write-up has some great themes, some are traditional, whereas, others are not so conventional.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

The Winter Snow Theme

It isn't very difficult to associate snow and Christmas, is it? Even Santa comes riding down the snow. Though traditional, this theme is still a favorite among many of us. In keeping with the idea, decorate the tree with white lights, and it would add a zing to your tree if you use twinkling lights.
Nevertheless, solid lights can have a similar effect on your Christmas tree. Use snowmen, sleds, and reindeer to give it a real feeling. Use crystal clear snowflake ornaments. To make the most of this theme, get a white Christmas tree.
In that case, ensure that you use silver-colored snowflakes or ornaments, the choice is yours!

The Family Theme

Christmas is one time when all family members come together. Let the Christmas tree this year celebrate the togetherness. Apart from the usual Christmas ornaments, use pictures of your family members to decorate the tree.
You can hang them directly or buy light, flat wooden pieces and paste pictures of family members on it. Hang this piece with small strips of golden string so that as the wooden piece rotates, faces of different family members come into view. You can also use the occasion to appreciate a particular family member's achievements.
Say, your grandpa is a war veteran. You could choose the 'patriotic theme' for the tree. Or in case your aunt made some special achievement with her talent in music, decorate the tree with miniature musical instruments. Cut thin strips of photocopies of notes of her music and drape it around the tree.

Vacation Trip Theme

Enjoyed your last trip to Paris? Want to relive those moments while sitting at home? Use pictures of the trip to decorate the tree. Don't forget to get miniature versions of the Eiffel tower. 
Or is it Hawaii that you had been to on your last vacation? The tropics in the winters? Why not? What better than to remember the sun and the sand of the tropical country during the winter months!

Movie Theater Theme

Are you a complete movie buff? Use your passion to decorate the Christmas tree this year. Use old tickets, empty popcorn boxes, 3D glasses, and old movie reels for decorating around this theme.

The Food Theme

Nuts about the Chinese cuisine? Decorate your Christmas tree with chopsticks, Chinese fortunes, and Chinese good luck symbols. But it is about the cuisine, right? Then, what about the noodles? Not difficult, is it? 
You could use some wool taken out from some old sweater or use any kind of ribbon that can provide the spiral effect of the noodles. This theme can also be used by Chinese restaurants in this festive season.

Novel Themes

Rustic Look

Want to do something unusual yet appealing this time while decorating your Christmas tree? Go the rustic way. For that, you can utilize old household items. As an example, use old bed sheet strips for making garlands.
A galvanized tub may act as the tree base. Added to that, make use of old license plates and wooden jewelry to add to the rustic feel. And finally, replace stockings with sacks. Great theme isn't it? And it is budget-friendly too! Do try it out.

Tableware Theme

A simple theme, if you don't have much time or are in search of an uncomplicated theme. All you have to gather is spoons and forks and decorate your christmas tree, and to create a classic look, use jute to tie the spoons and forks. That's it! It would in fact be a perfect theme for your dining room.

Cowboy Theme

Sounds interesting, right? Give a westernized look to your Christmas tree by adorning it with cowboys hats. Leather and red accents in the form of strips will do the trick. What a sight it would be! Perfect, if it is placed in a cowboy-themed room too!

Neutral Colors

This time around, make use of golden, copper, and bronze hues to make your Christmas tree stand out. For the decoration purpose, use garlands, ornament balls, and flowers and mix them in the neutral shades. 
You can have golden or copper-colored ornament balls, golden or bronze-colored garlands, and flowers which might be off-white or bronze in color. I'm sure this neutral theme will be a delight to watch.

Themes for Children

Garland and Candy Cane Theme

This Christmas, drop the fancy ways of decorating your Christmas tree, instead make it a craft activity. Still not clear? Search for some old pipe cleaners and Perler beads to craft out colorful candy canes, garlands, and snowflake ornaments. 
While decorating the tree, use white or clear lights, and have them twined around the outer branches of the tree. If you do not want white or any subtle colors of lights, then use multicolored lights. You even have the option of preparing a garland with multicolored beads that will add to the enchanting beauty of the tree.

Santa Claus Theme

What makes Christmas such a hit with the young and the old alike is the association of the occasion with Santa Claus who comes riding down the snow on his sled, bringing Christmas gifts and blessings for every one.
It is this fascination which we carry on with us even after we have grown up. Although it would be a traditional theme, this one is sure to make kids happy. However, ensure that the Christmas tree is the only part of the house dedicated to Santa.
For the decorations, select miniature Santa Christmas ornaments. Ensure that one of the pieces is a large Santa, riding his sled. Get some ornamental snowflakes for the tree. Hang some miniature versions of Rudolf, the red-nosed deer. And don't forget the stockings.
Otherwise, where is Santa going to place his gifts? May be, at the base you could keep a red stocking large enough to hold your gift. Tell your child that it is this stocking that Santa is going to place his gift in. Surely your kid would be thrilled!

Fairy Tale Theme

This is another theme that children would be very excited about. Choose your child's favorite fairytale. What about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Suits the winter season fine, doesn't it? Cut pictures or draw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and use them to decorate the Christmas tree.
In case you are calling friends over with kids, you could plan it out in advance and arrange a little play on the fairytale with the kids acting out the character.

Cartoon Character Theme

This theme will work great for boys as well as girls. You just need to know your child's favorite cartoon character. Then, get toys of those characters if they are available in the stores.
Or else cut out pictures from the photocopies of pages of your child's story book, or draw and color them. What about calling your kids' friends over and playing a DVD of that cartoon?

Kids' Crafts Theme

This theme would encourage kids to participate actively in decorating the Christmas tree. They can either make homemade Christmas ornaments or you could put up other crafts that the children have made throughout the year.

Sports Theme

Sports theme is apt for older children. Be it hockey or baseball, if it is the sports theme, decorate the tree with miniature equipment of the particular sport. For baseball, hang miniature versions of the bat, cap, gloves, and ball.
Do not forget to include your child's favorite star. If he has made some special achievement in the sport, put the certificate on one of the branches or place the trophy on the Christmas tree skirt. Well, this theme would also give you a chance to boot for your favorite team (provided you and your boy support the same one).
From traditional to non-conventional, when it comes to Christmas tree themes, there are options galore for the young and the young at heart. However, it is best to plan and prepare beforehand for the decorations so that you can have loads of fun decorating your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to all!