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Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Aastha Dogra Jan 9, 2019
Wondering about the kind of Christmas tree toppers to opt for? Let's look at some tips on choosing the perfect one, as well as an easy method on how to make one yourself at home.
Besides Christmas ornaments, if there is one thing that lends beauty to a tree, it is the tree topper. Since they are placed at the top, they attract much more attention than any of the other tree ornaments.
When it comes to choosing them, the star and the angel are the most popular, due to their religious connotations. They represent the 'Star of Bethlehem' and the angels who announced the birth of Jesus, respectively.
However, nowadays, with so many changes taking place with regard to the way Christmas decorations are done, a lot has changed in the kind of toppers that people opt for. For instance, people go for artificial trees instead of a real one, colors such as pink and black are used in decorating homes, instead of the traditional green and red.
If you search for toppers online, you will be amazed at the variety available today. For people who like subtlety, there are simple ones made from paper. For those who like bright and dazzling ones, there are LED-light options.


If you are someone who always goes by tradition, opt for a star with multicolored blinking lights.
If you are willing to invest more, you will find tree toppers made of crystal in various shapes and styles, which if added to your Christmas decorations, will enhance their beauty beyond words. To add a bit of a twist to traditional decorations, there are star tree toppers available, that come with a clock.

Angel and Santa

Go for Santa or angel tree toppers. The ones made from resin and metal, or resin and fabric, are really popular these days. Select from angels that are plain white or silver, to those that are adorned with red dresses or have flickering lights hidden in their gowns.

Animals and Superheroes

For those of you who are looking for a change in the way your Christmas ornaments look, there are lots of unconventional ideas to consider. For instance, tree toppers shaped like animals such as cats and bears are extremely popular with kids.
So, if you have small children in the house, you can pick these for the tree. Superman, Batman, and Spider-man, are some of many choices that should please your kids.


This is one of the most unusual, yet easy-to-make, tree topper. Sketch a drawing of a dragon on a card stock paper, after doubling it.
Next, cut out the two dragon shapes. Paint its body in striking green and its tongue and eyes in red. Stick both sides with glue and leave the bottom apart.
As you can see, with a bit of imagination, you can convert almost anything into unique Christmas tree toppers.
Other options that you can consider are a pumpkin, stuffed toys, antique pieces such as Victorian tea cups, miniatures of famous buildings, or even a football (if you are into sports). The more wackier your choices are, the more your guests are going to talk about them.