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Christmas Decorating Ideas for 2018

Shashank Nakate Dec 14, 2018
Want to know about the Christmas decoration trends this season? Find some inspiration to decorate your house for this festivity. Read ahead for the ideas.
Decorations are an integral part of Christmas. No matter how modern they appear, they must retain the original idea of this festivity. Adorn the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments or embellish your house with Christmas colors. The choice is yours.

Non-traditional Colors

A Christmas tree is the iconic representation of this festival. Instead of going the traditional way and using green and red for the decorations, use combinations of blue and brown, turquoise and silver, pink and brown, or black and animal print. Let the tree shine with some fairy lights. Or use candies, stockings, and other Christmas ornaments.

Snow-clad Christmas Tree

What is Christmas without snow? So, if you live in an area where there's no snowfall, cover the tree with fake snow and complete the snow-clad-tree look by using snowflakes, cotton, and other white-colored embellishments.

For a Pretty Mantel

Mantels are elegant furniture pieces and decorating them is fun. If the theme for Christmas decoration is snow, decorate the mantle with paper snowflakes or fake snow.
Place Christmas greetings, photographs, candles, snow globes, and fairy lights on the mantle and make it look prettier! Place dripping crystal icicles on a snow dusted, cedar-covered mantelpiece to add a frosty element to the decorations.


What's Christmas without a wreath on the door? Wreaths make for classic Christmas decorations. Hang them on the doorway or place them on the mantel.
Keep them near the windows or use them to decorate the stairway. If you have a plain wall in the house, and you are out of ideas to decorate it, wreaths will come to your rescue.

Rise and Shine, Oh Fairy Lights!

Place fairy lights just about anywhere, and the look of the house changes instantly. They give a warm feel to the Christmas decorations and make for an amazing display.

Reindeer-inspired Ideas

Reindeer wall hangings are trending this year. They give a classy vintage look to a wall. Choose a reindeer wall piece and wrap a scarf around its neck. Its antlers can be used to clip embellishments or fairy lights. A sleigh is also a good addition to the Christmas decoration. It can be placed near the Christmas tree or in your garden or backyard.

Glittered Hurricane Candleholders

Clear glass glitter coniferous or fir trees and reindeer circling the hurricane lamps, lit by tall red or rose-hued candles, elevated on rustic wooden cake stands with faux snow sprinkled around them gives your house a warm and cosy touch. Just how Christmas should be!
Budget is an important factor that influences how far one can go with the decorations. Here are a few ideas that are lighter on the pocket and some tips to help you decorate on a budget.
  • Purchase candles from discount stores. A simple, subtle candle display enhances the decor.
  • Some of the things you bought to decorate the tree but didn't use, can be used for the doorways, window areas and the mantle.
  • Christmas cards can be used for the decoration.