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Charming Ways to Decorate With Clear Glass Ornaments

Saptakee Sengupta Jan 9, 2019
Clear glass ornaments are beautifully designed glass gifts which can be embellished easily at home. We have provided you some wonderful ideas for decorating glass ornaments for Christmas. Have a look...
You will find colorful balls hanging from Christmas trees and houses adorned with glass beads during Christmas. They are nothing but sequined glass balls painted with bright colors.
The glass ornaments look exquisitely beautiful when jazzed up with colors, glitters and many other types of decorative pieces. You can embellish clear glass balls easily at home and create brilliant designs for decorating your home and for gifting your friends and family during the festive season. We shall explain you in the next content.

Decorating Clear Glass Ornaments

Glass ornaments were first made in Germany to decorate Christmas trees and then it flourished to a cottage industry in East Germany and Lauscha. In the recent times, they have become popular throughout the world. Even kids participate in decorating those glass ornaments.

Step 1

These ornaments are available in stores. First open the lid to pour the color. Purchase your favorite shades from art stores. Metallic colors complement perfectly on glass as they enhance the luster of glass.
Pour the color through a funnel. Swirl the glass ball gently to distribute the paint uniformly in the interior of the container. You can incorporate more than one color. How? Simple. Pour another color and swirl the ball once again. Now keep the ball aside and allow the color to dry completely.

Step 2

You can embellish the ball after the paint has dried. Wrap a bright ribbon around the lid to hang the ball.
You can insert bells inside it and adorn its exterior with glitters and sparkles. You can insert colorful beads in an iridescent silken thread to form a garland. Then place it inside the jar. You can also apply the potpourri theme by stuffing the class with colored sand, herbs, flowers, and semi-precious stones.

Clear Glass Ornament Themes

We have already explained you the potpourri theme and now we shall let you know some more wonderful themes for embellishing clear glass ornaments. Since it is an interesting craft work for adults as well as kids, we shall emphasize with respect to both the groups.

The Santa Family

During Christmas stores are flooded with artificial Santa dolls, Santa masks, snow man, bells, reindeer, elf, etc.
You can bring home those toys for your kids. Purchase broad-mouthed glass balls so that the toys fit inside. Another option is to paste stickers of Santa family on the exterior of the glass after the paint has dried.

Romantic Theme

You can gift your spouse a beautiful handmade glass ornament. You can follow Step 1 for coloring the ball and then proceed with the decorations of your choice. Collect aromatic candles, fabric hearts, soft toys, ribbons, small mirrors, etc. Stuff the jar with the soft toy and hearts and glue the mirrors on the exterior. This would be one set of decoration.
Adorn the other ball with aromatic candles. For this you will either require clear glass candle stand, a traditional kind of antic glass lantern or an open mouth glass ball. Embellish the stand/lantern/glass ball with glass paints and wrap silver or golden color satin ribbon around it. Then sprinkle some glitters. Place the candle properly and gift it.

Sparkling Glass Sequins

Rhinestones, conch shells, pearls, mirrors, and glass glitters are all you need to create a beautiful glass sequins for Christmas. Paint the glass with silver, copper or golden tones. Design the glass by using these materials creatively. You can do floral art, make stars and other types of traditional artwork on it.
You can also create butterflies, forest flyers, bumble bees, and unicorn on glass as these elements are synonymous to Christmas. Clear glass ornaments are also used as gift items for chocolates, cookies, donuts and other eatables prepared during Christmas. Devote some on exploring creative skills and you will innovate the best out of it. Merry Christmas!