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Company Christmas Party Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 17, 2018
Company Christmas party ideas are a great way of motivating your employees and sharing some informal time with one another.
It's time to give your employees a little Christmas treat. We've all been to a Christmas party in the office premises, with a hoard of employees frolicking around a Christmas tree as a formality. Is it really a party, if it is within the office area? Nope, definitely not.
A party is a congregation of people, who mean no business and who don't have a grouchy boss lurking around. A party is a place where the housekeeping staff is not giving the employees grief about messing up the place, and importantly where team leaders are not talking about impending deadlines.
Basically, a party is a place, where your employees, can be themselves even if it is just for a little while.

Christmas Party Ideas


Invitations are the most important part of any party. Making a personal invitation goes a long way in making employee feel special and wanted. Thus, send out personalized printed invitations to all employees.

Santa Claus

So what if your part is meant for the older lot. Everybody likes to indulge in their childhood fantasies, sometimes.
Hire a Santa Claus, who doesn't have to come riding on a sleigh, but just to have a little high spirits (pun intended)! Let the Santa Claus go around giving gifts to the employees, let them sing along and have some fun.


Since it is cold, you can give away mufflers or sweat shirts, with your company emblem on them, as gifts. This way, you keep your employees happy and publicize your organization as well.
Other great Christmas gifts are giving planners with company's logo. Giving merchandises like these, is a great way of advertising your organization, if you are a small organization, or showing your generosity if you are big.


Get out of office to have a great party. If you really want to party to last you till the next Christmas, book a discotheque or a resort somewhere. Your employees have been good so far and have performed well too.
If you don't want to waste the office hours, host a party in a discotheque after working hours. To have all your employees attend, hand out couple passes, so that they can get their partners. Shake a leg with your employees and let them unwind too.
Having a Christmas party for your employees is a great way of bonding with them and knowing them in a way that you wouldn't have ever known!
See to it that you book the venue well in advance and the food is ordered in sufficient quantities. To know how many people are attending the party, make sure, you have a RSVP on the invitation cards.
This way, you will have an exact head count of the people attending the party. If you are willing to spend a little more, then hire a facilitator, so that you too, can sit back, and be a part of all the fun and frolic.