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11 Absolutely Cool Christmas Table Decorations

Buzzle Staff Dec 19, 2018
Christmas is about decorations, food, prayers. Cool Christmas table decorations are a major part of the festival. There are many creative ideas- flowers, candles, ornaments, wreaths, centerpieces, porcelain, colorfully-wrapped gifts, gold cutlery, etc.

Embolden With Red - Cheery, Yet Royal

Splurge on red, one of the main colors used for Christmas decorations. Use red tablecloths, carnations, normal cutlery decorated with red ribbons, red wine glasses, plates, lace bows, tags, place mats, red candles, and more.

Illuminate With Candles - Bright, Yet Subtle

Can Christmas decorations ever be complete without candles? You have the creative freedom of using every type of candle - modern, plain, colorful, plush, scented, floating, etc.
This Christmas, how about a simple arrangement? Use small, floating candles and place them on tree stumps; use as centerpieces. You can also drop them in a vase of water and decorate the table with pine cones.

Fruit Arrangement - Creatively Lip-smacking

If you plan on a simple dinner, this is a cool idea to decorate the table. Use a 2-tier cake stand and decorate with fruits. If you want to go all out and be more creative, use fruit pieces to create a Christmas tree and surround it with little floating candles.

Light Up With Lanterns - Lustrous And Radiant

Light up the table with lanterns instead of regular candles and retreat into a soothing cocoon of medieval times. Use proper elements with lanterns - red, green, gold combinations. You can have a table lamp with gold, red ornaments.
Use appropriate elements with lanterns - red, green, and gold combinations work well. For instance, the image here depicts a glass table lamp filled with gold and red ornaments.

Go Green - Feel Upholstered By Nature

How about a bit of environmental cheer? Use a green theme throughout. Use succulent centerpieces, green lanterns, candles, plates, flower arrangements, etc.
The combination of green amidst the illuminating candles and lighting, coupled with a few gold ornaments makes for a bright dinner scenario. You may also use glossy black decor in combination with green.

Adorn With Gold - Splendidly Resplendent

If you are willing to take extreme efforts, think no more but for one word - 'gold'. Yes, that's the one.
Decorate the entire table with gold centerpieces, gold-colored flowers and leaves, goblets, plates, cutlery, place mats, candles, gold baubles, gold cones, etc. Place a tag on a gold bauble on a plate, with the names of family members. It's completely worth it, you'll feel like you've entered a mansion.

Vintage it is - Stately and Magnificent

Let the wheels of the century turn back - go back in time again. Use ancient themes and grace the occasion with antiques.
Even the dinner arrangements - cutlery placements, snowflake tablecloths, bronze candles, scrolled napkins, embroidered wallpapers, ancient wine bottles, salt and pepper shakers, etc. - should feel vintage.

Frost Up With Silver - Majestically Cool

If you cannot get out because of the cold, how about a frosty Christmas inside the house? Decorate the table with silver embellishments.
Use silver tree branches, tinkling silver bells, baubles, ribbons, plates, little gifts, silver-colored pine cones, silver baskets, crystals, goblets, etc. Silver gives the illusion of the cold, and you'll feel like you are celebrating Christmas outside the house.

Enrich With Dinnerware - Grandly Bewitching

Speaking of cool table decorations, dinnerware plays an important role beside floral arrangement, candles, and centerpieces.
Remember that the dinnerware must complement the other decorations on the table. If you are using red and gold, use red baubles, ribbons, and place mats. The same goes for other combinations too. And, use pure porcelain or china plates and bowls.

Use Contrasting Ornaments - Enticingly Different

Decorating the table with ornaments is a fairly common practice. Which ones to use, however, depend on the other decorations on the table.
If you are using less of glitter and more of funky arrangements, you can use Santa Claus ornaments on the table. For a silver theme, you can use silver and white ornaments, and so on.

Enliven With Presents - Feel Ecstatically Blissful

Christmas and presents - they just belong together. For an entire 'gift' theme, decorate the table with simple dinnerware and tablecloths, and place the Christmas gifts all over.
You may even use attractive gift boxes, if you don't want to disturb the serenity of the Christmas tree, with presents beneath. The entire table, overflowing with lavishly wrapped gifts, is a slight to behold.