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Creative Halloween Costumes for Women

Pragya T Oct 21, 2018
Tired of wearing the same old Halloween costumes? With a cool, creative Halloween costume you can look different than others at the party.

Did You Know?

The word 'witch' is derived from the word 'wica' which means 'wise one'! So, why don't you go dressed as a wise, scholarly-looking witch with spectacles and a bunch of books as props?
If you are bored of dressing up in traditional Halloween costumes of ghosts and dark witches, then this year try some creative Halloween costumes ideas. You can either stitch your own costume and make your own props, or look in stores for costumes and props which you can use to make some wicked Halloween costumes for women.
Make sure you have all the make up supplies too, so that you can look your best with your costume.

Astronaut Ryan

Since the movie 'Gravity' has become such a big hit, dress up as Astronaut Ryan Stone inspired after Sandra Bullock's role in the movie. Wear a green tank top and black shorts, then wear a spacesuit over it. To add more to the effect you can wear a wig of short brown, messy hair and brown-colored lenses. 

White Witch

Everybody dresses up as the dark witch with the black pointed hat, black flowing robes, and the broom. So, why not try something opposite?
This time you can dress up as 'the white witch'. You can take inspiration from the Narnia White Witch character or from the Alice in Wonderland's White Queen character. 
To try these ideas, wear a long white flowing gown, and paint your face light to look cold, then apply a dark-colored blue lipstick, and wear light blue contacts, if you don't have natural blue eyes. You can also consider wearing a blonde-platinum wig and carry a wand in your hand for a prop.

Girl in the Dragon Tattoo

For this you will need to wear a lot of black. Use a henna pen and ask somebody to draw a dragon tattoo on your back.
Wear ragged dark black jeans and a dark gray t-shirt. Make sure you have holes in the jeans and t-shirt to give it the worn out look. Then throw in a leather biker jacket, woolen socks, and combat boots. Next, take a black hair wig and chop it into bangs and crop it till you get the desired hairstyle. 
Apply some concealer to make your eyebrows light. Then use a black eyeliner and apply it generously on your lower lids. Finally, wear some clip on spiked earrings and nose rings, and you are done.

Blue Avatar Girl

You can find this costume online or create one yourself. For this costume, you will need a lot of body paint. So, paint yourself with bright blue paint and then draw the spiral-shaped designs on your body. 
Plait your hair into multiple braids. Add decorative beads in the hair and few feathers too. Then wear a brown bikini top and a short brown skirt. For footwear, wear brown or blue flip flops.

Mata Hari

Mata Hari, the exotic dancer who contributed greatly to belly dancing. You can also dress up like her for Halloween party this year. You can find belly dancing costumes at many stores in your town or online. Get all the right accessories like the belly belt, some bracelets, and headgear to complete your attire.
Just like Mata Hari, you can also consider dressing up as Joan of Arc, another interesting historical figure. For that you will have to look for old-fashioned armor and a sword.


You can also dress up uniquely as a cake. Wear a simple dress and on top of that from waist down wear a 5 tier cake. You can make the cake from cardboard. Keep the cake hollow in the center, so that you can slip it on your hips and create straps on the sides so that you can support the cake by holding the straps on shoulder.
On each tier keep some candies like chocolate dipped strawberries, white chocolate swirls, brownies, toffies, candy canes, etc. This way people at the party can actually pick up those candies off the cake to eat.


Geisha means performing artist. To wear a Geisha costume, buy a kimono of your choice, then wear a Geisha style wig or create an updo in your hair. Then tuck in some hair accessories like hair pin and jeweled hair comb. 
Now, time for the make up, use white face paint and paint your whole face with it, leaving your eyebrows and lips. Then use a red lipstick and paint your lips with it. You can use a pale pink eye shadow to complete your look.

Kill Bill

For this kick-ass look you will need very few things. Just get a yellow track suit, and with a black marker paint its side black. You can wear yellow shoes with this attire if you want. With this carry a katana and wear a blonde wig, and you are ready to kill Bill! 

Devil Inside

This is a simple costume, but a pretty funny idea for costume. Dress up like an angel, with white wings and a white robe. Then attach a red pointy devil tail to your waist, and make it look like that it just is peeking a bit out of your white robe.

Vampire Biting You

Here is an unusual idea. Get a lightweight vampire dummy. Then wear your normal clothes, preferably some top which leaves your neck open. Then arrange the vampire dummy in such a way that it is grabbing you from behind and its teeth are on your neck giving the illusion of biting you.


If you wish to dress up scary, then try out this zombie costume idea. These are one of the best Halloween costumes, and you don't have to buy any special clothes to dress up as a zombie. Just get your old clothes like skirts, jeans, old t-shirts, caps, and old shoes. Then use a scissor to make holes, take out stitches and make the clothes look worn out. 
Then wear old shoes with the clothes, and apply make up to your face. Make your face look white and your eyes and lips look dark and sinister. Then, bend over and brush your hair frontwards. To complete the look, just apply a little red food color near your lips and sprinkle some on your t-shirt.

Flapper Costume

Flapper costumes are getting very popular, and you can dress up in these 1920s flapper dresses easily. Just wear a short dress, it is good if you can find a dress with frills, and wear black net stocking under it. Then style your hair wavy pin-curl style, and wear a headband with a feather piece. Wear heels and long pearl necklace to complete your look. 
So, use these ideas to dress up in cool and fresh-looking Halloween costumes, and enjoy the attention at the party!