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10 Creative Jack-O'-Lanterns Which Are Not Pumpkins

Anuj Mudaliar Oct 19, 2018
Carving scary faces into pumpkins during Halloween is a fun activity, which most people indulge in with gusto. However, the task is also time-consuming and messy, which is why we need other alternatives for creating jack-o'-lanterns for the most fun-filled festival of the year.

Vegetable Jack-O'-Lanterns

Although pumpkins are the default choice for making jack-o'-lanterns, they are not the only choice. Instead, one can use other gourds such as winter, butternut, or turban squashes.
Alternatively, one can also use sweet potatoes, zucchinis, turnips, or potatoes to carve some smaller yet uniquely shaped scary faces.

Fruit Jack-O'-Lanterns

Watermelons can make good substitutes for pumpkins. One can also make some really weird jack-o'-lantern designs with other fruits like avocados, apples, bananas, or pineapples.
Since most of these fruits have soft flesh, carving them is a little more difficult as compared to vegetables.

Papier Mache Jack-O'-Lanterns

If you are looking for child-friendly alternatives for creating jack-o'-lanterns, papier mache is a great choice of material. They are not at all difficult to make and can last for many years if stored properly.

Balloon Jack-O'-Lanterns

Probably one of the easiest Halloween decorations to create, one can create spooky heads with just some balloons. All one has to do is draw designs onto the balloons with markers, put a glow stick inside, fill the balloons with helium, and tie them up with string.
You may also drape sheer white cloth over the balloons so that they look like ghosts. A great piece of decoration.

Paper Vellum Jack-O'-Lanterns

Paper vellum can be used in a similar manner as papier mache to create jack-o'-lanterns.
They can not only be hung on your porch outdoors, they can also be used as a decoration on a table in case you are having a Halloween-themed celebration indoors.

Glass Jar Jack-O'-Lanterns

Glass is a great surface for creating Halloween-themed images, and as such, glass jars can be used to create some cool decorations. You can either paint the jar with alcohol inks, or cover it with translucent colored paper shapes to create the jack-o'-lanterns.

Paper Bag Jack-O'-Lanterns

All one has to do is use a paper cutter to create designs on the paper bag, pour in a bowl of sand, and place a candle in it.
The glow of the candle will display the cut patterns of the jack-o'-lanterns and other Halloween designs beautifully. This effect can be increased by sticking translucent tracing paper behind the cutout pattern.

Tin Can Jack-O'-Lanterns

While tin cans of any size will do for this purpose, larger cans will allow you to create more free-flowing designs of the jack-o'-lanterns. One simply has to take off the wrapper, and use a hammer and nails to create the facial features.
This is followed by either painting it or covering it with colored paper. You can also experiment by using electrical lights instead of candles to create a robotic effect for the faces.

Sport Ball Jack-O'-Lanterns

Old footballs, basketballs, and baseballs can also be used to make some cool jack-o-lanterns. Just cut at the stitches and bladder in the appropriate places to create facial features, add a candle, and your lantern is ready.

Clay Jack-O'-Lanterns

Clay is one of the most versatile and easy mediums of craft, and one can create a large variety of Halloween decorations with it. The shape and colors of each jack-o-lantern is only limited by your sculpting skill and imagination.