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Creative Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Aparna Jadhav Feb 8, 2019
Coming up with creative ideas for your boyfriend every Valentine's day is something that every girlfriend strives hard to achieve. To encourage such determination, here are some ideas that you can try out on this Valentine's day and see how much you score on the 'creativity' meter.
If you are on a tight budget, you can still plan a memorable Valentine's day for your sweetheart. You can either cut down the portions/options or simply be creative and make things by hand. After all, Valentine's is all about expressing your love and showing that you care, isn't it?
Come February and begins the frantic search for startlingly 'original' ideas to celebrate Valentine's day. Each year sees a surge in the number of roses sold, the quantity of champagne ordered, the amount of bling purchased, and a definite increase in the proverbial 'love in the air'. Why should this year be any different?
For all the women out there who are pining to do that something different for their darling boyfriends, here's all you need. Let's get rid of the boring old stuff and bring in the new. Let's explore all that can be done to make this day as remarkable as the relationship you share with your boyfriend.
Try out these ideas and see how they work! You can use them as they are or tweak them a bit, according to your creativity.
As much as they deny it, there's got to be one romantic movie/book/play/story that every guy likes. Your guy, being as normal as they come, is bound to have one too. He's bound to have confided in you about his favorite romantic scene from this movie/book/play/story. 
This Valentine's day, pleasantly surprise him by replicating that particular scene. It'll take some hard work, but find a place, clothes, lighting, and of course, the exact dialogs (you may want to keep a script handy, just for fun) and do everything that the actors did in that particular scene. *Fingers crossed!*
This idea comes from a male source who loves music. If your guy too has a passion for music, plays an instrument, and has an artist or band that he worships, indulge this passion of his. Even if you can't sing a note to save your life, learn the lyrics of his favorite song. 
Take it one step further and learn to play the notes of that song on the instrument that he plays. On the big day, sing the song to him along with the 'music'. He's got to appreciate the effort that you put into the actual learning. So even if your vocals shatter some glass, won't it be worth it?
Design a board game for the two of you. Call it 'Lovopoly' or any crazy name resembling a board game having rules. Have some chits marked 'Rewards' and 'Misdemeanors'. At every advance stage, the player gets a 'Reward' and for fall a 'Misdemeanor' card including naughty punishments.
There's nothing sweeter than finding love notes in unlikely places. So, scatter 'I Love You's' all over the place. 
Have a little sticky note on the ice cream carton and ask him to fetch it for dessert. Put one in his wallet, one under his pillow, one in his jeans pocket and one on his mouse. Don't spare the toilet paper. Have a cute note on it too!
Be warned! This idea can prove to be a little heavy on the pocket, so you may want to give it some serious thought.
Everyone has this one place they want to see. What's your boyfriend's? Whatever this place is, find a gorgeous photograph of the place and tweak it a bit to resemble the one depicted here.
Blow it up, frame it, and wrap it with hearts and pink stuff. Hand it to him. Just when he thanks you for it, tell him there's more: two tickets to the place for a vacation!
Wanna do something insanely creative? How about sending your boyfriend pseudo hate mail? It's really simple. Just look at the images given here.
You need a blank cards, colored paper, and alphabet stencils. Now, think of sentences like 'I hate it when I'm not with you.', 'I will never ever hurt you.', 'You are the worst person to hate.', 'I would go to Hell and back with you.' Write the sentences on the cards. Magnify negative words and send him these all day long.
Valentine's day need not be over-the-top mushy every year. And the ideas given here are testimony. Use them. Dare to be different. Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!