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Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Twins

Rujuta Patil Oct 17, 2018
With twins, it is double the effort while deciding on Halloween costumes every year, but it is double the fun too, as you click pics of those cute-looking faces and create a memory forever. Girl or boy, young or old, twins wearing Halloween costumes always look best together.

Sugar Skull Make Up

A simple and creative costume idea for twins on Halloween is to get draped in black from top to bottom, and put on some sugar skull make up. Flower petals and make up around the eyes act as highlights.
Wrap the little angels in a shawl, and let the cute woolen bunny caps do the work.
Dress your adorable duo in an elephant and fox bodysuit to make them look even more cute for Halloween.
For twin boys you can choose a profession, like firemen costumes. And, don't forget the hats!
This Halloween costume idea can work for both girls and boys. A red comb on the chicken's head will make it look really pretty.
Play with dark shades. Leave a mark of the costume color on the hat to make this Halloween outfit look the best ever.
Be a little different and sport a beach look on Halloween. Dress the girls up like Hula dancers.
Red, black, stripes, and a hat with a skull! The pirate look is always a favorite among kids for Halloween costumes.
Adult twins may want to use the skeleton theme for a spooky Halloween costume. This can be done with a simple dress and heavy make up.
Dress up to be two gorgeous angels on Halloween; add color with your accessories to beautiful super-white dresses.