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Cute Halloween Costumes for Women

Naomi Sarah Oct 17, 2018
These cute Halloween costumes for women and girls, will have you as the center of attention at any Halloween party, or trick-or-treat outing. Read further as to how you can get a hold of these get-ups, that come either ready-made or can be tailored to fit.
"When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
'tis near Halloween."
- Anonymous
Halloween has so much of hoo-ha parading around it, but those who know how to take things in a non controversial way, are the ones that know how to have fun. You don't have to label it as a 'festival of the dead', for the greater masses who don't indulge in weird antics.
Why can't people just look at it as a fun way of overdosing on sugar, getting free goodies from neighbors, watching horror/gore flicks and dressing up as interesting characters! Sigh. My favorite masked character till date, which would make for the perfect Halloween costume, is Mike Myers from the famous Halloween movies.
For those of you who know how to have a good time, and side step those who want to bring down the whole thing by dragging religion into it, this is for you. Bored of the same old look that others may have or that you've already tried out last year? Here are suggestions on some Halloween costumes for women and girls too.

Halloween Costumes for Girls

When it comes to what's hot in Halloween costume ideas of 2010, it's all about knowing how to mix and match elements of dress styles, to capture what it is you're trying to be. Here are some ideas on Halloween costumes to make at home, that you'd definitely want to try out.

Demon Angel

Dress up in a cute little dress, resembling a tutu, and look as angelic as possible, with a pair of ballerina shoes to match. Slip on some bright red horns, which shouldn't be hard to find, and ask someone to do your make up, depicting demonic dark tones.

Fallen Angel

The costume get up is the reverse of the previous idea, in that, the tutu is black, with shiny black lace instead, making it look girlish but still dreary. Attach angelic wings to the back of your costume, complete with a glistening halo

Odd Fruit Out

It would be great if you could get your hands on a costume of fruits that no one is likely to dress up as. As opposed to the standard banana, melon slice, apple, orange and pear look, you could try being a grape, lemon, kiwi or how about a custard apple?

Cross Between a Hippie and Red Indian

Dress up as a hippie, complete with the big shades, and colorfully dyed attire and long dangling chunky jewelry - but place the Red Indian band around your head, with a prominent feather sticking out on one side.

Characters from 'Sesame Street'

The characters on Sesame Street are fantastic puppets, would look great as an idea for a costume. How about dressing up as 'The Cookie Monster', or the adorable 'Elmo', or maybe as 'Big Bird' or the famous couple 'Bert and Ernie'? It's your choice to pick out a favorite character and play them out on Halloween.
Halloween is all about mixing it up with crazy ideas that you can think of, that are out of the box, and not the usual kinds.
  • Count Dracula's Maiden
  • Characters from 'The Addams Family'
  • Costume Made from Post Its
  • Grim Reaper with Red High Heels
  • Marilyn Monroe with Bright Blue Curly Hair
  • Favorite Flower Costume
  • Construction Babe Complete with Overalls and Yellow Helmet
  • Roadblock Cone Costume
  • Naughty Nurse Costume
  • Police Woman Costume
  • Extraterrestrial Costume
  • Glow in the Dark Costume
  • Unicorn Princess Costume
  • Lady Gaga Costume
  • Marilyn Manson Gothic Costume
  • Teletubbies Costume
  • Swiss Cheese Costume
  • Martini Glass Costume

With these cute Halloween costumes, you'll find something that is both eye-catching and fun to wear. Have fun dressing up!