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10 Decorating Ideas to Make Cute Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Buzzle Staff Nov 20, 2018
It's hard to imagine Thanksgiving without something related to turkey, So it's no wonder that most cupcake decorations have cute chocolate or fondant turkeys adorning them. Here's taking Thanksgiving cupcake decorating ideas to a whole new level.
Simple vanilla frosting tastes heavenly with plain cupcakes. Use white chocolate bars to create cute little turkeys to adorn on top. Food color will make your turkeys look more attractive.
To make these adorable turkeys, which you just wanna gobble up, is not as complicated as it looks. It has buttercups and candy corn! You'll need fondant to stick all the elements together. And of course, chocolate chips to make the eyes. The cookie base packs in the perfect crunch, and makes your turkey stand tall.
Decorate pumpkin or chocolate cakes with cranberry cream, and garnish with fresh berries and leaves for a refreshing taste. You can blend fresh cream with cranberries, or just use the cranberry sauce you've already made.
With yummy cheese frosting, these cupcakes taste as good as they look. This decoration idea is fairly simple as well. Just blend in cream cheese, pumpkin purée, butter, and vanilla. Add cinnamon for the perfect spice treat, and smother on plain cupcakes.
This is another variation of fondant pumpkins. It packs in a strong vanilla flavor.
You'll need white fondant, orange food color, and green food color to make these cute pumpkins. Use vanilla frosting on any flavor of cupcakes. Sprinkle chocolate shavings on top. Make small pumpkins along with the vines with the fondant. You'll need a toothpick to get the perfect shape. Decorate and enjoy!
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting! Can things get better than this?! Sprinkles can take them to another notch. Just garnish the cupcakes with sprinkles in red, green, yellow, and orange for the perfect Thanksgiving effect.
This one's the perfect indulgence for all the chocolate lovers out there. Use milk chocolate and normal chocolate to make yummy turkeys. You can even opt for thick cream and fruit flavors.
You can use food color or pumpkin cheese frosting for this one. Use fondant to make those small cute turkeys, and decorate them with red food coloring.
Celebrate Thanksgiving with its symbols - hat, turkey, and cornucopia. Orange frosting goes really well with chocolate cupcakes. Garnish with edible gold balls. The next part requires skill and patience, but the result will be totally worth it. You'll need hard icing or fondant to make all the elements.