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Cute Valentine's Day Ideas That'll Make Your Boyfriend Smile

Medha Godbole Feb 6, 2019
Valentine's Day is the day when any kind of mushiness is justified. To make your day most memorable, go for these cute ideas to spend the Valentine's Day with your boyfriend.
Guys are as cheesy as girls when it comes to love and romance. So before you think that your guy will freak out with your idea of a cute Valentine's day, just stop and think for a moment. It may just make him fall in love with you again. And what better occasion than this to express your feelings to your boyfriend!
Dinners, movies, weekend getaways are passé. What you need are some really innovative and cute ideas to celebrate Valentine's day with your boyfriend. Here are some that are sure to be a pleasant surprise he'll never forget.
Cute can be funny, and funny (and probably nauseating to a certain extent) is what this idea is. All you have to do is make sure everything you give him this Valentine's day is heart-shaped.
For instance, when he gets up in the morning, the first thing he should see is a big red heart-shaped Valentine's day card from you pasted on his wall. Then get him some breakfast with heart-shaped muffins, sandwiches, eggs, or whatever you can think of. Have lunch in heart-shaped plates with heart-shaped wind chimes in the surroundings.
Give him a tacky heart-shaped key chain or whatever little trinket you can find. Go overboard and capture his expression when he sees all of this. Just make sure you keep it in line so he isn't completely put off.
If you have the resources, pamper your boyfriend by whisking him into a fancy 5-star hotel for V-day. Book yourselves the honeymoon suite. Next, whatever his favorite junk food is, have the hotel staff deliver it to your room at meal-time.
Meanwhile, the two of you can enjoy watching his favorite movies, which you ask the hotel to provide on TV. When the food arrives, it will be double the fun! Eating total junk food in a plush hotel has got to be one of the coolest ways to spend V-day!
This is another cheesy/funny idea for all you girls. All you have to do is play a cheesy romantic number in the background and enact the lyrics of the song, all of which you will capture in a video. Have this video sent over to him on Valentine's morning.
You could leave a cute message at the end of the video telling him how much he means to you, and how special he is in your life. You're sure to get a phone call that will have more laughing than talking, but hey, if you can make your boyfriend laugh, he's gotta love you!
This is a really cute idea, especially if the two of you live together. If you don't, then make it a point to spend the night of 13th with him. For this idea, you'll need helium balloons equal to the number of years or months that you have been with him (or just pick a random number if you wish).
At the base of each balloon tie a tiny love letter with pretty string. Wake up early and let all these balloons into the room so they reach the ceiling. Also, place some treats and gifts on the bed next to him.
This way, the first thing that he sees when he opens his eyes are the balloons and the love notes that you've written him. Then he can dive into the presents that you get him. What a fabulous start to the day, don't you think?
Gotcha if you thought this was a traditional meal at a roof-top restaurant with an amazing view! The idea goes like this. Most guys are fans of cars. Rent out his favorite car for him this Valentine's day, and allow him to drive it to a spot that allows you a gorgeous view of your city, say a hill-top.
Get on to the hood of the car and enjoy a meal prepared by you amid the beautiful surrounding. This could be the cutest and most romantic picnic you've ever had together! Could it get any better?
What every guy (well, almost) expects or looks forward to on V-day is some action in the sack. He knows it's going to happen, but why not tease him about it? A week before Valentine's Day, start giving him little clues and hints about what the big day is going to be like.
If you're planning to play dress-up, you can send a picture of something related to your 'costume'. If you're planning something kinky, you can send him texts subtly hinting what he can expect. Be sexy and sultry in whatever MO you adopt. Tease him as much as you can and, ahem, make the final performance worth the wait.
This is a different kind of surprise. Pretend you're not going to be in town this Valentine's day, but make sure your boyfriend remains in town that day. Early in the morning, have a bouquet of flowers sent over to him, with a sorry note for not being there, just to make it more realistic. Then send over some chocolates.
Next, send over quartet singers who sing 'your song' or a song you would like to dedicate to him on Valentine's day. Finally, appear at his doorstep yourself with another gift in hand. Watch his face light up, and make his (and your own) day!
Love, at the end of the day knows no bounds, so you can do any crazy, mushy, cute, or sensationally romantic thing for your boyfriend and he'll love it! Enjoy your Valentine's day to the fullest!