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Tips for Decorating Christmas Wreaths

Shashank Nakate Dec 19, 2018
The activity of decorating Christmas wreaths can be interesting and fun-filled given the leisure time available during vacations. Here are few wreath ideas for Christmas to make these decorative items even more attractive.
Wreaths are ornamental rings made from leaves, flowers, and in some cases, fruits. One can make use of different ideas for making and decorating Christmas wreaths. One of the prominent features of decorations in wreaths is the bow.
There are many different patterns (that combine together ribbons, bows, etc.) and ideas being used in the decoration work. Nowadays, artificial Christmas wreaths also are commonly used.
Wreaths are generally placed on doors, walls and as centerpieces on tables. But there are few who also like to place them before the radiator grille of automobiles. This tradition was started long back in the times of early automobiles. However, in due course people began losing interest in decorating their cars with wreaths.
Nowadays, artificial wreaths can be used instead of the live ones; this is done because live wreaths are affected by the dry air emitted from the radiator grille. After this short introduction about usage and types of wreaths, let us get into the different ways of decorating them.
There are different ideas which can be used in the decoration works. The decorative items are varied and include flat ornaments, ribbon garlands, etc. This activity would require a glue gun, decorative items and a clean and quiet corner of the house where the use of glue won't create a mess and the decoration work would be carried out with peace of mind.

How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath

It is easy to decorate a wreath that has wires forming the internal structures and which is covered by a green colored garland. A basic framework is thus, provided for the decorations through this structure. The boughs of Christmas trees, about 6-8 inches in length should be used to make a wreath.
A thick bunch of these cuttings should be wired together. Christmas balls are a nice decorative item for the wreaths. These can be fixed to the wreath with a small amount of glue. Placing them gently and firmly is important from the point of fixing them properly. Spacing them in a proper manner helps in creating a nice effect.
Decorative instruments such as guitars, drums and violins could be used to make some creative wreaths. The instruments need to be placed consistently over the wreaths and glued to fix them together. Strings attached to instruments should be removed.
Placing bows over the wreaths also is an important part of the decoration work. Bows are generally red in color and should have a medium size.
The gold piping which comes with these bows needs to be weaved into the wiring in a proper manner to prevent it from hanging. The knot which is formed by tying the piping shouldn't be exposed and it must be hidden on the backside of the wreath.
The use of ornamental or decorative fruits, which is one of the festive Christmas wreath decorating ideas, should be done judiciously so that enough space is maintained between them. Dark-colored Christmas balls wouldn't be noticed easily amidst all the flashy decorative items.
It is advisable to place the fruits in such a manner, their stems either point upwards or sideways. Spacing the fruits in an appropriate manner makes the wreaths to appear attractive. Spaces in between the fruits can be decorated with berries which greatly enhance the appearance of wreaths.

How to Make an Outdoor Christmas Wreath

The activity of preparation of Christmas wreath crafts is enjoyed by all members of the family. Then why not take out time and gather your family members to obtain some ideas for this Christmas craft. This way, you would find many suggestions and tips for decoration of Christmas wreaths. Let us understand how to make an evergreen Christmas wreath.
To make a Christmas wreath, one would require a wreath frame, green tree cuttings, clippers to cut the wire, green cuttings, glue, ribbon and a wire for tying these materials together. The green cuttings (6-8 inches size) and 15-inch long wires would be required to form the wreath. Bunches of evergreen trees should be formed to tie them onto a frame.
Thicker cuttings with stalks should be hidden inside, while tender ones used for the outer covering. A wire should be wrapped around the structure formed by the frame and cuttings.
Decorative items such as Christmas balls, drums, guitars, artificial fruits and a red colored bow should be attached to the tree to make it appear attractive. All the decorative items need to be glued properly to make it firm and intact.
Information about the decoration of Christmas wreaths could be extended and elaborated as much as possible. There are many decoration ideas being used for wreaths. One should however, also use his creative instincts and enhance the appearance of wreaths to make them attractive.