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Door Decoration Ideas

Vaishali Satwase Jun 18, 2019
Door decoration is a part and parcel of home interior. You can decorate it by using wreath, hanging dolls, drawings or framing it. The decoration ideas will differ according to age group, occasions, locations, and interests.
Door is the first thing that interacts and welcomes you and your guests while entering the home. You can enjoy decorating each door of your home like your kids' room, bedroom, living room, guest room, or entrance door, there are lots of options to be unique in your own way to celebrate different events and festivals.

Accessories for Door Decoration

Door Hanging - Door hanging is an ancient home décor idea basically from India. You can buy these hangings from the market or do it yourself. Usually, people prefer to hang jingling bells, fancy beads, glasses and motifs, flowers, and crystals to decorate the door.
Draw a Picture - Paint the whole door with a nice color and draw some freehand drawings or nature scenery like the sea with coconut trees, mountains, sunrise, sunset, etc.

Greetings - Stick some attractive greetings according to the celebrations on the door.
Bouquet - Bouquet can be used for decoration only for one day celebration like the wedding or anniversary.

Frame the door - Framing the door with flowers, metal art, paper crafts, and lighting is the wonderful decoration idea. The decoration surrounding of the door will give an appearance like a beautiful frame.
Wreath - Wreath is popular for door decoration as it can be used in various styles and themes. Moreover, it is easy to shift or rearrange. You can make different sized butterflies, each butterfly follows a flower. The flower can be of different varieties or colors.
Join them on the metal wreath that you can buy from a nearby shop. If you are planning to welcome the harvest season, then create a wreath that is decorated with apples, grapes, berries. Now randomly put some flowers and leaves between the selected fruits. Your wreath is ready!

Door Decoration Ideas for Various Celebrations


You can make attractive Xmas decorations at your door. To create the effect of twinkling stars in the Xmas night, first select the area of door that you want to decorate. It can be painted with the black color, which will give the feel of a night. If you don't want to paint the door black, then keep it as it is, simply wooden door.
Now put some silver and golden artificial stars available in the market onto the painted area in a triangular way, so that it will given you the feel of a Christmas tree. You can outline it with the stars or else put the stars of silver and golden randomly without distorting the Christmas tree shape.
You can also arrange a garland in the middle of the door around the twinkling stars. Decorate the Christmas tree near the door with ribbons and light. How about hanging stockings, toys, stars, or hearts!


Halloween is a scared festival that is associated with black and orange colors. Your door decoration idea can get scarier as well as exciting by decorating the door with a blocking curtain at the entrance. Here you can draw the pictures of eggs, cartoons, and pumpkins, etc.
If you opt for pumpkin curtain, you can draw a lantern of 7 pumpkins with different emotions like teasing, laughing, crying, surprising, welcoming, zealous, and fearful emotions that will attract everyone who knocks at your door! Arrange a white owl sitting on a branch on the door, followed by pumpkins nearby the door.
A door knob itself makes your guest scared whether to knock on the door or not, the guest would prefer waiting at the door, waiting for you.
Another idea is you can also buy a curtain that has fearful images like a group of witches gathered with a ghost, dragons swallowing insects and animals, etc.


Bunny Basket can be a great idea for Easter. You can stick each bunny either on the door or can put all the bunnies together creating a basket hanging on the roof towards the door. You can also build an Easter egg hut. Arrange a decorated hut in the middle of the door.
The things you require are white sheet of paper, gum, staple, decorated eggs, and some chocolates. Make a hut with - a sheet of thick paper 4-5 inch square and roll it down and staple it with pins. It will look like a cylinder. Mark a rectangle shape with pencil on that cylinder for creating door.
Cut three sides of the rectangle as if you can open it like a door that will rest on the fourth side. This fourth side will be vertical. Give nice paint to the hut from inside and outside. Make a cone and stick it above the hut that will be the roof of your hut.
The base of the hut can be closed by a circular sheet of paper. Stick a red closer button at the door of the hut, it will work as a knob. Now attach the decorated hut to your door with the gum that will stand upright. Put around 3-4 adorned Easter eggs in that hut. You can also store some chocolates, jellies, and gifts for children.
The red color knob indicates danger, so some children maybe scared of opening it, making it a nice option to have fun. Secondly, children who come to wish you, will try to press the red door knob enthusiastically, will get nice gifts kept inside.


You can decorate the door with balloons and craft-papers. Color changing gazing ball is an amazing magic to greet a birthday boy or girl. This Color changing gazing ball is available in six interchanging colors that runs on batteries. You can put this ball in the gallery or near the door.
Balloons are all time favorite decoration theme of birthday, have all shapes and colors of balloons swaying the doorsteps. Even a simple wreath of roses or sunflowers can make your dear ones day special.


Flower arrangement is an evergreen idea for the wedding decor. You can arrange flowers on the door using various themes. Arrange the flowers in the shape of a heart. Decide the size of the heart according to the width and length of your door, so that it would match and suit to your door.
Now create a 'Happy wedding' tag attached with the names of the bride and groom. This tag can be either made up of a flower-pattern handicraft or you can sketch them on a drawing paper. This decoration will be a lovely welcome for the newly wed couple.

New Year

You can always go for Christmas decoration themes that suit both occasions, Christmas as well as New Year. But let's try something scary this time. How about wishing your guests 'happy new year' by decorating the door with a haunted skull curtain? You can create a white skull and two hands using a weatherproof foam.
First stick this skull in the middle of the door, then try to arrange both the hands opposite to each other as such that the skull will be in center. As soon as the guests press the doorbell, the mouth of the skull will open and your guests may scream watching the white teeth of the skull that are coming out automatically making the noise 'Happy New year!'

Kids' Bedroom

Door decoration can be done on both sides of the door. You and your kid can enjoy the summer vacations together by decorating his or her bedroom door.
Front side of your kid's bedroom door - Lovely pictures of nature or animals and birds he or she likes. Putting pictures of cartoons can also be a great idea! If you're good at painting, paint the door with some beautiful flowers he or she loves.
Back side of your kid's bedroom door - Make some hanging box. Each box may possess its own section for pens, makeup accessories, letter box, and paint colors etc. A little tiffin box can also fit at such backdoor space!

Office Entrance Decoration

Office Entrance decoration should be formal and decent. While celebrating different events and occasions, a stylish door decoration can create a festive atmosphere in the office.
Take a piece of plywood or cardboard and cut it in the shape of a Santa Claus, snowfall, Christmas tree, star, and stocking. Now color them and hang them on the front door of your office.

Classroom Door Decoration

If it's the first day of your school, you can decorate the school door by drawing the picture of different animals playing together and at the same time some birds flying in the sky.
You can also put a sign like 'welcome to school' or 'name of your class' above this picture. Here remember, you need to stick the drawing at the middle of the classroom door. This is because sometimes the drawing may get damaged if it's too down or some may not see the picture properly due to its high position.
Students can also create some handmade paper banners or can buy them for different occasions like ice-breaking activities, competition, welcome or farewell parties, independence day, or exam duration with suitable pictures and decorations.
Door decor is the first impression of your home. Therefore, while decorating door, some precautions and care should be taken in advance, like the decoration you make should be durable, simple, easy to change or set up and suitable to the occasion.