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Easter Basket Ideas

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Apr 17, 2019
Putting together an Easter basket with gifts can sometimes be quite a task. With endless options to choose from, confusion can reign supreme. We give you some great Easter gift basket ideas for different age groups.
One of the most clichéd and popular Easter basket ideas is the one made with sweets and candies. It can also be a great last-minute, inexpensive gift option.
Easter Sunday is around the corner and it is time to finalize your plans of watching the Easter parade or taking part in the egg hunt that is such an important part of the celebration. One tradition that almost every kid finds exciting is receiving Easter baskets.
These baskets, laden with different goodies and gifts, have become a symbol of the occasion that Easter is. It is absolutely difficult to imagine Easter without the goodness of homemade baskets decorated and filled with treats like decorated eggs, candies, and a varied number of gifts.
As someone who is putting the basket together, it can be at times confusing to ensure that the gifts you give are age appropriate. We give you some ideas for your Easter baskets.

Ideas to Fill Those Easter Baskets

It can be extremely tasking to choose different items to put in your Easter basket. While traditional gifts like jelly beans, chocolates, Easter eggs, etc., all remain a mainstay, there are other fun objects that you can also fill up the basket with. Here are your options.

For Toddlers

For toddlers, it is important to opt for fun, creative, colorful, and entertaining gifts. It is also very important to check that the items you place in the basket are safe, with no sharp edges and will not harm the kids in any way.
Stuffed toys, educational toys, clay, plasticine, crayons, etc., are all great gifts for toddlers on Easter. It is also important that you place something that is traditionally associated with Easter in the basket. So include one type of candy or a chocolate egg for sure.

For Older Kids

As kids grow older, they become more vocal about their likes and dislikes, and it may be a good idea to keep their choice in mind. Coloring books, dolls, racing cars, musical instruments, scientific toys, etc., are some popular options. 
Plush toys are always a hit. You can also consider placing tickets to a theme park or a movie as a surprise. Do not forget the traditional goodies like marzipan treats, bunnies, hot cross buns, cookies, and candies.

For Teenagers

Buying Easter gifts for teenagers can be slightly more tricky. Ensure that whatever you buy, you keep their tastes and preferences in mind. 
Magazine subscriptions, jewelry, wallet, cosmetics, gift certificates, etc., are all brilliant ideas to fill up the Easter basket. Add to these the token Easter eggs and other treats, and you should be set.
Don't leave the adults out. For them, you can include coffee packets, coffee mugs, cigars, assorted creams and lotions, books, candy, etc. Depending on their taste, you can make the basket as personal as you want. 
From fun games to useful items, from the frivolous to the practical, from the whimsical to the relevant, there is absolutely no restriction on the kind of gifts that you can place in an Easter basket. Choose from the ideas given here or come up with some of your own to celebrate Easter in a very special way.