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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Aastha Dogra Apr 10, 2019
Easter can be celebrated with all the more vigor and zest if there are activities lined up to make this day special. Read this post for some games involving the Easter egg.
There are various traditions associated with Easter, and gifting each other eggs is one of them. In earlier times, eggs were boiled along with flowers or leaves to give them a different color, and then presented to friends and family.
Nowadays, they are made from chocolate or plastic, are placed in the Easter baskets, and are then given by parents to their children. In order to make it more fun, some parents plan an Easter egg hunt for their children too.
Here are some creative egg hunt ideas for kids, as well as adults, which will surely make the Easter day special for everybody.

Number Bumper

Add a little bit of math to the celebration. To conduct this, you will need a few plastic eggs, chits of papers, on which different numbers ranging from one to ten have been written. Place these chits in the plastic eggs and place them at different places in your children's room, the night before the Easter.
When your kids wake up, ask them to find the eggs. Also, tell them that whatever numbers they find in the eggs, they will get equivalent amount of chocolates and candies. So, if a kid finds eggs with numbers one, three, and four in it, you add them up and give him eight chocolates or candies.

Prizes For All

If you do not want to plan something time-consuming, then one of the simplest hunt ideas is to hide a few plastic eggs in which notes that mention a particular gift, have been placed.
When the kids trace a particular egg, ask them to open the note in it and read out the gift mentioned on it. When you handover the gift, which they just read on the note, to them, be it a toy or a bunny, the smile on their faces when they receive it will be unmatchable.

Name is the Game

If you are planning to throw an Easter party, then one of the most exciting ideas, that you can include is to write the name of each of your guests on different plastic eggs, and place them in five sacks. In the party, ask the guests to find the egg which has their name on it. The person who finds it first, will be the winner.

Message in Play

Such activities are not just limited to homes, you can plan the same at church too. Put scriptures inside the plastic eggs, which tell the Easter story.
Later, wrap the eggs in different colored paper and hand over them to some kids. When you call a particular color, the kid who has the same colored egg, stands up and narrates the whole Easter story to the people who are present.

Reverse Gear

Give a few plastic eggs to the children and ask them to hide these eggs at various places in the house. When they are done hiding, parents work as a team and try to locate the eggs. The child whose egg is found last by the parents is the winner, and is given a gift.
The ideas mentioned earlier not only make the Easter special, but memorable too. In fact, using a bit of creativity, anybody can come up with such fun ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Along with the regular preparations, start planning a unique game, today!