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Easter Games for Adults

Easter Games for Adults
Just a few days left for Easter and you must have already started planning for parties and get-together. Here we have presented a list of games that you can play and enjoy on this day. Take a look.
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Egg rolling, egg hunt, and egg tapping are traditional Easter games that are popular till date.
Easter eggs
Easter is celebrated throughout the world with utmost enthusiasm and dedication because it was the day when Jesus Christ resurrected after three days of his crucifixion. It marks the end of the Lent and is therefore rejoiced heartily by Christians.
Friends, relatives, and family members gather to express happiness, exotic feasts are organized, and people go to churches for offering prayers. In this festive season, people throw grand parties, wherein they arrange various kinds of games to have fun and enjoy the day. The games basically have Easter themes which are purposely included to uplift the fervor of the festival.
Here are four interesting Easter-themed games that can be played by children and adults, alike.
Egg Hunt
Make the popular egg hunting game unique this season. Instead of hiding the eggs in your house, you can hide them in your garden or backyard and some other places where your guests will have to put a little effort to find them. Hide the eggs in between trees, cover them up with sand or hang them in branches and stems of plants and bushes. Turn off the lights in your garden and hand them a flashlight to locate the eggs. The person who brings the highest number of eggs is the winner. And he/she gets the prize.
Egg Toss
You need a bit of preparation before you start playing this game. Paint a few hard-boiled eggs with attractive colors and let them dry. Divide the group into teams of two players. All players should stand facing their partners. One player should toss an egg to his partner. If he catches it without breaking, they earn a point. If the egg falls or breaks, the pair is out. The pair gaining maximum points win.
Easter Bingo
You can either purchase bingo cards or make them at home with cardboard pieces. Each card will have 5x5 square-shaped grids (total 25 grids). The square at the center will be the free space. Ask your guests to jot words synonymous to Easter in the grids. Now you read out the list of words (of course relevant to Easter) randomly and the players have to mark off the same words in the bingo cards. There will be specific winning patterns, which could be a diagonal, vertical, horizontal or an intersecting line formed by the words. Use the free space to complete the line. The player who gets the winning pattern first shouts out bingo and wins!
Easter Quiz
If you want to play some sort of intellectual games with your friends and family, then nothing better than an Easter quiz show. Come up with questions based on the history of Easter, or customs and events associated with it. You can also include video clips and quotes from the Bible and ask the participants to identify them. There will be two team members in an individual group. Set the quiz guidelines and explain them to the participants. One person will ask the questions and another will jot the score. Keep three to four rounds as well as additional bonuses or transferable rounds for making the quiz utterly interesting and absorbing.
You will come across numerous online games meant exclusively for this festival. Even common games like crosswords, riddles, puzzles, mahjong, etc., come up with Easter themes during this time. You can also look for these games, viz. psychedelic rabbit jigsaw puzzle, monster hatch, Easter egg blast, eggs of destruction, Easter egg hop, Easter word search, gold bunny hunt, and Easter egg match. Plan for a get-together at your home on that day and play the games with your friends. I'm sure it will be great fun.
Make a checklist of the things needed for playing these games so that you do not run short of anything while playing. Invite your friends and family members and do everything you can to enjoy the day. Happy Easter!
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