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Easter Gift Ideas

Deepa Kartha Apr 17, 2019
With Easter just around the corner, you might be in search of a few great gift ideas. This post provides some gift ideas for family, friends, and relatives.
Easter is a Christian festival, where people all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Christ. According to Christian scriptures, Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday, and as he had promised, he returned to his followers on the third day of his death.
On the day of Easter, people meet their extended family and friends to celebrate this holy occasion. It is also an important tradition to give gifts. However, most people get confused when they have to pick up a gift. So, here are some gift ideas that you can choose from.

Easter Egg Basket

The best gift is the Easter egg. It is a symbol of new life which indirectly refers to the resurrection of Christ. You can either make the eggs on your own, or buy them from the market.
Though the chocolate ones are everyone's favorite of most people, they are available in various other flavors. You can even give different patterns and designs to the eggs.

Easter Bunny

Another thing that is often associated with Easter is bunny. It's one of the best gift, especially for kids.
Bunnies in the form of soft toys are available in various colors and sizes. You can either gift a huge bunny, or buy several little ones in various colors. You can also use the bunny theme to make some other gifts.
Making a cake in the form of a bunny, or making several cookies in the shape of small bunnies is a great idea. Decorating these cookies with different types of icing would be another good idea.

Gift Basket

A gift basket would make an excellent gift. The advantage of doing this, is that you can fill the baskets with an assortment of handmade goodies.
Some of the things that you can put in the basket are brownie bars, cup cakes, Easter eggs, cookies, brownies, muffins, hot cross buns, etc. To decorate the basket, you can use things like bunny toys, stickers, key chains, etc. Cover the basket with a plastic cover, and tie it up with a satin bow.

Toys and Accessories

For most people, their baby's first Easter is a special occasion and hence, they get gifts for their little one. However, most people find it very difficult to choose the baby's gift. Parents can give their child a gift basket filled with little toys for him to play with.
Some other things that can be given to little babies include personalized bibs, napkins, clothes, etc., with pictures of bunnies or rabbits stitched on them. Another idea would be to give the baby a personalized baby quilt, or blanket.
Instead of buying gifts, you can add a personal touch by giving away handmade gifts. And if you cannot think of anything to make, just select one of the earlier ideas.
One must remember that any gift given with love and affection will be definitely cherished by the person who receives it. However, make sure that you are giving away gifts according to age and interests of the person.