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Surprise Your Guests With Awe-inspiring Easter Table Decorations

Easter Table Decorations
Planning a dinner for Easter celebration? Get some ideas on Easter table decorations that will perfectly grace this special occasion. Read on to know more.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
With Easter, it's time to celebrate the beginning of spring and have fun with your family and friends. If you are planning to host a Easter brunch/dinner, inviting the guests and preparing delicious Easter recipes is not all that you have to do. Decorating the dinner table in a special way is something that definitely should be on your to-do list. Well, if you are wondering how to decorate a table for Easter dinner/brunch in a unique way, then you have hit the right page.
Dress Up the Table
The first thing you need to do is place a classic table cloth to grace the table. Table clothes in cool color tones, like white, off-white, lemon yellow, pale blue, etc., are the best choices. The decorations can go well with a base of plain tablecloth with floral prints at the borders. Make sure that you don't use a printed cloth, as it would take the focus away from the rest of the decorations.
A trendy way to beautify the dinner table is with solid colored place mats and a lovely table runner. You can get a lot of Easter-related design stencils or iron-on patches in the craft stores which can be used to decorate the plain table runners or place mats. Basically, a pretty table linen is an essential base for the rest of the Easter table decor.
Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers can be used to grace the dinner table. Forsythia, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths can be used to bring in the fresh feel of spring to your table. Place these in small glass vases with some pieces of greenery that adds color to the decorations.
You can have a small glass bowl inside a larger one. Use colorful jelly beans to fill up the space between these two. Now, pour water up to a few inches in the inner vase and then place tulips or daffodils in this. Believe me, this looks extremely beautiful. You can also place flowers around the tableware. Use the right combination of tableware and flowers to give a more organized touch.
Attractive Centerpiece
Centerpieces will give the finishing touch to the table decorations. Having an impressive centerpiece will instantly spruce up the dinner table. The basic rule to be followed for the centerpiece is that it must be of a height that will not obstruct the view of people sitting across the table from each other.
One of the simple ideas is to get a large white bowl and place fresh fruits in it. Spread flower petals around the base of this bowl. You can also have a centerpiece by filling a large planter with potted orchids in it. You can also place small dry branches and twigs in a planter and add colorful Easter eggs to these branches. Next, add colorful pebbles or stones at the bottom. Placing colorful eggs in a wicker basket or on a wide plate filled with dry grass is also lovely idea.
Color Theme
This will ensure that the entire table decor coordinates well with each other. You can follow a white and pink color theme. Here, you can have plain white table linen and white porcelain tableware with pink border or floral prints. Use pink flowers and Easter eggs to spiff up the table, and add a finishing touch with pink candles and napkins folded neatly. Another lovely theme that you can follow is blue and yellow. With a white dress up for the table and blue tableware, you can add yellow to the table with some pretty tulips. Also have the Easter eggs painted in blue and yellow. For unique Easter decorations, you can have square plates and asymmetric candle holders.
With the aforementioned decorations, you are sure to spice up the Easter brunch/dinner. Opt for creative napkin folding techniques and elegant table setting to give the table a finishing touch. Surprise your family and guests this Easter with beautifully decorated dinner table.
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