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Easy and Fun Cookie Decorating Ideas

Priya Johnson Dec 19, 2018
Well decorated cookies simply light up the faces of little children. Moreover, they also bring smiles to the faces of adults. Let's have a look at some cookie decorating ideas that you can try out at home...
Who doesn't love sugar cookies! The aroma of freshly baked cookies is something the whole family looks forward to! Sugar cookies fit into any dinner menu and are enjoyed by all! Be it a bridal shower, birthday party or Christmas dinner, cookies are perfect to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Moreover, they are also easy to serve!
Cookie decoration is an art! Just go with your instincts and create what you feel. Depending on the occasion you are celebrating, your theme will vary. Let's have a look at some common occasions celebrated and some creative ways to decorate cookies for them.

Cookie Decorating Ideas

Since here, we are only dwelling on decorating sugar cookies, we are assuming you know the basics of cookie baking. Once you roll out the dough, cut out the shapes, bake and cool the cookies, the cookies are ready to be decorated. Place royal icing into a pastry bag and outline the cookies. Then fill the cookies with icing using a squeeze bottle.
Spread the icing evening across the cookie using a spatula, toothpick or knife (depending on the cookie size) and allow it to set. Once the icing has dried, the cookies are ready for designing. These are the basic steps to be followed while decorating cookies. Now let's look at the different ways to decorate cookies.

Baby Shower Cookies

Baby-step cookie cutters, baby carriage cookie cutters and various other shapes of baby shower cookie cutters are available today. You even get sets of baby theme cutters, inclusive of baby bottle, baby carriage, rubber duck, pacifier, etc. in them. Buy one set and you are ready to create baby shower wonder cookies.
You can also buy the baby suit cutters and bake tiny baby suit cookies.
Once they're cooled and outlined, apply baby pink colored icing on them. Using a icing cone make designs on the baby suit. Make some more baby suit cookies using sky blue icing as well. See how these cookies would light up the expecting mother's face!
For the duck follow the same method. Apply pink fondant onto the outlined duck cookie and spread evenly. Leave the spot for the beak, which needs to be filled with yellow icing. Use black and pink food marker to make the eyes and bow.

Valentine's Day Cookies

Holding a Valentine's day party! Try making some Valentine's day cookies for your guests.
There are various ideas which you can opt for; such as double heart cookies, candy sprinkled hearts, chocolate dipped hearts, etc. Double heart cookie cutters are available online and even in some malls at the kitchen supplies department.
You could purchase one and use it to make double heart cookies. Once the double heart cookies are baked, cooled and outlined, you can apply rose-red colored icing on them. Sprinkle some American red disco dust or red sugar pearls onto the icing and let the cookie set.
Another idea is to use a simple heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut out lovely heart cookies.
Once baked, cooled and outlined, fill the hearts with rose-red colored icing and allow to set. Then using edible color marker draw some designs on the hearts. Place some edible heart accents or flowers as per choice.
You can also have chocolate dipped heart cookies. Dip half of the heart cookie in dark chocolate and once it's dry, dip the other half in white chocolate. Before the white chocolate sets, sprinkle some edible hearts or sliced almonds on the cookie. It will look fabulous!

Wedding Cookies

Wedding dress cookies are great for bridal showers or even weddings. You can make bridal gown cookies as well as bridesmaid's gown cookies. Using a pastry bag squeeze out the icing onto the outlined cookie and spread the icing.
Once the powdered sugar icing is dry, designs can be made with white royal icing itself, as it is great for making intricate designs. You can add color into the icing for the bridesmaid's dress and apply it on the cookie. For the bridesmaid's dress cookie, you will need colored food writers (edible color markers) to make designs.
Wedding cake cutters are also available, where you can prepare tiny cake-shaped cookies. Food writers are beneficial to make intricate cake designs, so don't forget to get them. You can also use sparkling sugar to accentuate the look of the cookie.

Christmas Cookies

Embellishing Christmas cookies are the easiest, which is why these are the most fun cookies to decorate.
Christmas theme cookie cutters are easily available in malls, be it Christmas tree shapes, Santa faces, candy canes, stockings, stars, gingerbread man and so on!
Buy a set of these cutters and for the decoration purchase some red, white and green icing, which are common Christmas colors. You can also buy some sprinkles (colored and snowflakes), licorice, holly berries, etc. for embellishments. The design will vary with the shape.
For Christmas tree, squeeze out icing from the pastry bag in the form of streamers.
Place some sugar balls, snowflakes and some sparkling sugar on them. For the candy cane, using the pastry bag, pipe out white icing onto the outlined candy cane cookie. Once the white icing has dried up, spread red icing in thick stripes. Add silver sugar balls to give a festive look.
One important point to be noted is that any decoration must be done only after the cookies have completely cooled down. Moreover, be careful while making the outline. A zigzag finish will give a shabby appearance. Steady your hands and make smooth designs. Wait till the outline dries completely before filling the icing into it.
Cookie decoration is not complicated. Once you get the hang of making designs with the pastry bag or food writer, you can give wings to your imagination and create mouth-watering masterpieces!