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Easy Creative Halloween Costumes

Neha Joshi Oct 21, 2018
Wondering what to wear to Halloween night? These easy creative Halloween costumes might help you out.
Halloween is a time for crazy, spooky parties. To play your part well at these parties, it is important you dress the part perfectly. To look your spooky best, you might want to adopt an idea or two from those mentioned ahead. However, if it's just another costume party, you can always go for a Hollywood-inspired costume. Let's see your options?

Costumes For Men

Captain Jack Sparrow!

We all know captain Jack Sparrow and don't we all adore him? Dressing up like him isn't only easy, but a lot of fun too. All you need are brown pants, a white worn-out shirt, a hat, and some pirate accessories which you can create at home or buy from a flea market. To make the look more interesting, you could even get your hair done in a different way.

Tough Guy!

The tough guy is always bad, isn't he? Hmmm ... not always. You can dress up as 'The Thing' from Fantastic Four or even as 'Hulk'. You can make a costume out of round boxes and color them with the respective character colors.
This will make your costume stand out in the crowd for sure, and you are bound to be appreciated for your efforts. These two are the most popular Halloween costumes to make at home, as they are really easy and don't require any accessories.

Bad Man Now, Are You?

The 'Joker' from Dark Knight, or 'Edward Cullen' from the Twilight Saga are few of the most famous easy creative Halloween costumes. For the first, all you need to focus on is the face paint, which can be done in minutes; the clothes are all in your closet already.
Costume is not a problem even for the second option and you can buy some fake teeth to look like a vampire. You can also use red paint and show a little blood near the lips.

Costumes For Women

Lady Gaga or Amy Winehouse, Maybe?

Do you think anyone of us can dress up as Lady Gaga or Amy Winehouse in real life? The obvious answer is NO! These celebrities are really flamboyant with their styles.
Here is your chance to be them, albeit just for some time. It's Halloween night and you can wear what you want. You will find all the clothes you need for these costumes in your closet. Absolutely all of them.

Sent from Egypt!

Perhaps the easiest costume for Halloween night, this is surely going to look scary and the most different costume of them all. Come to think of it, it isn't even a costume. Have you ever considered dressing up as a mummy? Well ... you can now.
Just wear black denims and a tight shirt and wrap enough white tape around yourself. If not a mummy, you can choose any one of ancient Egyptian gods and goddess and these will turn out to be creative Halloween costumes for couples too, as one of you can dress up as an Egyptian God and one as a Goddess.

Evil at Play!

Just pick any one black dress (we women don't just have one, do we?) from your closet and with that, just wear bright red lipstick. Get smokey eye makeup done at home itself and you're ready. If you want to enhance your look even more, buy yourself a simple black mask. This is one of the most basic Halloween costume ideas.
These quick and easy Halloween costumes will surely make your job easier. If you have absolutely no time to make any of these at home, just wear anything black, and buy yourself a really flamboyant mask.