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Halloween Costumes That are Easy to Make

Pragya T Oct 19, 2018
If you don't have much time to make a costume, then here are easy Halloween costumes ideas that will help make cool costumes for the Halloween...
There are many costumes available at stores for Halloween. However, the stores mostly have typical Halloween character costumes and if you wish to come out with some unique costumes for yourself or your kids, then you will have to think a little.
But, as Halloween is coming closer dedicating days to make a Halloween costume can be difficult. This doesn't mean that you can't make your own costumes at home, with a little creativity and the things available at home you can make great-looking costumes.
Mentioned here are various quick and easy Halloween costumes for kids and adults, which you can make using things available at home. To add special props or effects to your costume, you might need to visit a superstore.

Cardboard Box Costumes

Cardboard box costumes are quick to make costumes. You can come with your own creative ideas.
Whatever you can represent using a box you can make using cardboard box ideas. For example, make an iPod, a Rubik's cube, traffic signal, popcorn box, coke can, x-ray machine, sponge bob, lego, wall-e, tin man, etc., using a cardboard box. So, find a big box which your torso can easily fit in. Then lay it flat on the ground and paint it the way you feel.
Once you are done painting all the sides, let it dry completely, and make cloth straps to hang the box on your shoulders. Then wear plain colored clothes and hang on the box and apply a little make up on the face and you are ready to go.

Recycled Costumes

Recycled costumes are great and you don't have to buy any new supplies, so you will save money and use creativity by making recycled costumes. Just find a lot of colorful waste items and lay them down on the floor and think how to use them to make a costume.
For example, you can use newspaper sheet to make hats and clothes. You can use old clothes and stitch them to make multicolored patched cape, you can use old vessels as hats, and old sweaters to make skirts.

Ghost Costumes

These are classic last-minute Halloween costumes as they are easy to make. All you need is a white long t-shirt or gown like clothing.
It doesn't have to be super bright, so it's okay if it's old or has some stains on it. Wear this piece of white clothing and apply white-colored make up on your face to make your face look pale and dead. Then wear a long hair wig. If you don't have a hair wig, you can use this umbrella idea to obtain a hazy look.
Take a white umbrella and on the rim of the umbrella stick lots of transparent cell phone strips. And if you don't have an umbrella or a wig, then just wear tight white/black clothes and put a sheet of white paper on your head and make holes for eyes.

Black Superheroes

Black superhero costumes are a classic favorite and make easy Halloween costume ideas. You can pick a character idea which you like the most. You can dress up as a ninja, Batman, Batgirl, witch, Zorro, dark wizard, black Spiderman, Catwoman, etc.
Once you have decided the character costume you want, gather black tight clothes you have at home and then add masks to add the character feel. You might need to shop for certain props to complete your costume.
So, find an idea which you like the most, gather your supplies and get going to make your own cool Halloween costumes.