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Easy Halloween Crafts

Buzzle Staff Oct 17, 2018
If you want your house to be the talk of town this Halloween, all you need to do is to decorate it with some good taste. Here are some easy crafts to make your task easy.
The witches fly
Across the sky,
The owls go, "Who? Who? Who?"
The black cats yowl
And green ghosts howl,
"Scary Halloween to you!"
― Nina Willis Walter
With Halloween just around the corner, here's the chance for you to host the best theme party in your neighborhood. Arrange for some scary music to play in the background, and sit back to make some really scary decorations. It's not necessarily tough. Here are directions on how to make some of these easy Halloween crafts.

Swinging Bat

Things you will require are:
♦ A blue pen
♦ A pair of scissors
♦ Wriggle eyes
♦ Glue
♦ A hole punch
♦ Some narrow ribbon
♦ A sheet of black craft foam
♦ Mini sunglasses that have pin attachments (optional)
♦ A suction cup with either a hole or a hook attachment
How to make the swinging bat:

♦ Take the sheet of craft foam, and sketch a bat on it.
♦ Then, cut the bat out.
♦ Once this is done, either pin on the mini glasses, or glue on the wiggle eyes, and let it dry.
♦ Use the hole punch to make a hole at the top of the bat's head.
♦ Take a small ribbon, and run it through this hole.
♦ Then take your suction cup, and run the ribbon through the hole and knot it properly. If the suction cup has a hook, just knot the ribbon, and hang the bat on the hook.

You can now hang it anywhere in your house, and watch it swing when the wind blows.

Napkin Ghost

Things you will require are:
♦ A paper napkin
♦ A rubber band
♦ String or yarn
♦ A small Styrofoam ball
♦ Markers
How to make the napkin ghost:

♦ Put the napkin flat on the table.
♦ Place the ball in the middle of the napkin.
♦ Take each end of the napkin and fold it up.
♦ Hold on to each end, and with one hand, scrunch the napkin around the ball and hold tight.
♦ Use your other hand to slip a rubber band over the ball to make the ghost's head.
♦ Using the marker, make a scary face.
♦ Take a long piece of string, and tie one end of it to the ghost's neck. Use the other end of the rope to hang it to your favorite hanging place.

Pompom Spider

Things you will require are:
♦ Plenty of yarn
♦ A pair of scissors
♦ Pipe cleaners, 4 pieces
♦ Glue
♦ Cardboard
♦ Googly eyes
How to make the pompom spider:

♦ Cut a piece of yarn.
♦ After that, cut a piece of cardboard about 3 inches long, and 2 inches wide.
♦ Wrap a yard or two of the yarn around the rectangular piece of cardboard (not too tightly).
♦ Carefully remove the yarn loops from the cardboard, taking care that the loops retain their shape.
♦ Put the 4 pipe cleaners on top of the loops.
♦ Tie the two foot long pieces of yarn tightly round the middle of the loops and the pipe cleaners.
♦ Now cut the yarn loops at the edges.
♦ Trim the pompom into a nice circle.
♦ Now bend the spider's legs and glue on the eyes.

Your great, spooky spider is finally ready.

Milk Container Pumpkins

Things you will require are:
♦ A pen or a pencil
♦ A pair of scissors
♦ A bottle of orange, acrylic, enamel gloss paint
♦ Glue
♦ Mini flashlight
♦ Plastic gallon milk container
♦ A sponge brush
♦ A permanent marker (Black)
How to make the milk container pumpkins:

♦ Take a milk container, and sketch a jack-o-lantern face on its front.
♦ Cut out the face using a craft knife or a pair of scissors.
♦ Paint the container with three coats of paint, letting it dry between coats.
♦ Use a marker to add other details.
♦ Fix the flashlight inside the lid using glue.
♦ Turn the flashlight on, and put the lid back on the container.
You can use these as lanterns to light up the way to your house. These simple craft ideas will help create the best, spooky aura. With dim, low-key lighting, your house may look scary as ever.