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Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Tulika Nair Oct 23, 2018
If you have missed out on preparing earlier, then you would be looking for easy homemade costumes. Here we give you different costume ideas that you can use.
Haunted manors, creepy graveyards, spooky sounds, all the very essence of a Halloween night. If you love the festivities of Halloween, then you would definitely be big on dressing up in different costumes to scare the living daylights out of people.
But there are sometimes when despite all your enthusiasm you may have missed out on preparing for or thinking of costume ideas. If that is the case with you, then these can be the answer to your problem.

For Women

There are many creative costumes that you can come up with if you have the time. But in case you are running short on time, then these are some of the costumes that you can choose from.

Wicked Witch of the West

This is an option that could work very well. Instead of going with the traditional version from the Wizard of Oz, opt to dress up like the protagonist from Wicked.
Paint your face green, wear black flowing robes, don the black pointed hat and you are done. And unlike the movie version, you do not have to wear a permanent scowl on your face. Elphaba from Wicked is a much more likable character.

Dead Old Lady

Streak your hair gray using temporary hair color and tie it into an untidy up-sweep. Try to obtain an old, Victorian style hat from a garage sale and attach a bit of netting to make a veil. Attach plastic spiders and bugs to the veil. Wear an old ragged wool dress or a printed dress and adorn it with a brooch.
Wear white gloves on your hand but ensure that they are dirty. Wear thick stockings and dark shoes, preferably loafers. Use powder on your face and use gray eyeshadow around your eyes.
Use blue eyeshadow to create highlights around your features to give yourself an eerie look. Add plastic scars and clotted, brownish, reddish, blood wounds. Now add plastic spiders to your dress as well, and you are done.


You will need a hula hoop to attach to the inside of one shirt. Use a second t-shirt of the second color and cut off the sleeves and attach it to the body of the earlier t-shirt. Take black tulle (about ten yards), and wrap it around the shirt.
Staple the tulle to the shirt as you go along. You will need to wrap, gather and staple, creating a funnel like structure. When it is time to wear it, get a friend to gather the tip of the tulle yard, twist it, and staple it together.

For Men

Most days you will find guys perennially whining about how they do not have as many clothing options as women. On Halloween though, there is no reason to complain. Put your brains to work and you will definitely come up with many quick and easy costumes to don on the day of the party.


Think Heath Ledger from the 2008 blockbuster, The Dark Knight, and you have the perfect costume for a Halloween party. A purple corduroy suit that you can rent from a costume shop, a green vest and the perfect makeup and you are ready to go.
Search for the image of the Joker from the film and copy it as best as you can. You will need powder to white your face and red lipstick to smear your lips with. Do not forget to darken your eyes with black eyeshadow.

Cousin Itt

Remember the shaggy, hairy, fun character from the Addams Family. If you are a fan, then you would never forget Cousin Itt. What do you need to dress up like him for your Halloween outing? A black hat, brown yarn in different shades, a pair of dark glares.
Measure how much yarn you will need to cover the length of your body. Cut out the yarn in the desired length. Stick the yarn closely together on scotch tape and then on the hat. When you wear the hat you should be covered completely. Wear the glares and you are ready for your outing as Cousin Itt.


If you have ever lived on a farm, then you know what we are talking about. Dressing up as a scarecrow will need you to arrange for straw but the rest you will find easily in your wardrobe making it one of the best options for last minute Halloween costumes.
You will need a slightly oversize plaid or flannel shirt, blue jeans that is completely faded, a straw hat, and some rope. You will need enough rope to tie as a belt and to tie it at the cuffs of your shirt.
Wear the flannel shirt and the jeans and use the rope as a belt. Now at the cuffs of the shirt and the edge of the jeans, stuff straw and use the rope to secure it. Wear the straw hat and use a bit of makeup so that your face appears weathered.
Nothing is easier than these options for Halloween costumes. Opt for any of these costumes and be the star at the party you are going for.