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Easy to Make Christmas Gifts

Omkar Phatak Dec 18, 2018
If you are thinking of gifting some thing with a personal touch, here are some ideas. Read and get inspired by some creative Christmas gift ideas.
Christmas is the festival of sharing, giving and gifting! Everyone loves when people surprise them with presents and also enjoys making gifts for friends and family. Instead of buying expensive gifts, making a gift for your loved ones on your own, makes it more precious because of the time that you devote to it.
We are sure that these personalized gifts will be appreciated by your friends. It shows your thoughtfulness and gives you an opportunity to spread your creative wings.

Simple Christmas Gifts

Here are some very easy gift ideas, which you can make for any one of your close friends and family. The secret is to 'Do something which you are good at' and think about how you could personalize it for the person you are gifting it!

Packed Home Cooked Delicacies

If you are a good cook and are particularly good at cookies, then a jar of chocolate chip cookies is best. A personalized jar of chocolate chip cookies! What else could a kid ask for (other than video games and a pet)?
If your son is away for studying still it will be appreciated. This homemade gift will definitely be a sure hit!

Gift a Painting

If you are good at painting, why not gift an exclusively made painting for your dear ones?
May be you could make a portrait painting of the person you are making the gift for. Especially, if it's your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband, that you are gifting, it is a totally worthwhile endeavor.

A Picture Collage

We accumulate hundreds of snaps of friends and family. A picture collage is one way of bringing those moments together!
So, make a poster collage of pictures of your family or group of friends or if you want to make it exclusive, you can make a collage of your moments with that person. Your gift will definitely get the pride of place in his room and will be more valued than any expensive gizmo he'll be gifted.

Personal Gift Coupons

This is the ideal romantic gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband. You can make coupons of some of the romantic activities that you two enjoy doing together.
These are love coupons. Each one of which is a promise made from you to him/her. We will not tell you what to write in those coupons. Your own imagination can surely take care of it!

Make a Christmas Home Video!

Make a home video compilation of all the video clips of friends and family that you have and have some great music in the background with messages in between.
You can take video snippets from all the people you wish to gift for Christmas. The editing and compilation can easily be done on any of the movie making software programs, available on your computer.

Christmas Candles

Homemade candles make for excellent gifts, which are quite easy to make. Just be careful not to exceed the recommended temperature for wax melting, which should be way less than 300° F. In fact, it's better not to let the temperature rise above 250° F.
That said, let us briefly explain the procedure. You will need to buy an appropriate quantity of wax (Paraffin, Soy or Beeswax), fragrance oils, wicks (long cotton strings) and color crayons. You will also need molds and pans for heating wax.
Melt the wax (caution: wax is inflammable, maintain temperature below 300° F), add a color crayon and fragrance oil. Prepare the mold by applying oil inside it and covering it with paper. Pour the molten wax into a mold and let it cool, after inserting the wick inside, using an external support. Within hours, your candle will be ready to be gift wrapped!
So, these were some ideas about Christmas gifts. We are sure you can come up with better and more creative gift ideas. A personal touch makes any gift more valuable.