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Zombie Face Painting Ideas to Scare Everyone

Christina Andrew Oct 21, 2018
Halloween is near, and we know you are looking out for some ideas to freak people out around you! Why not look like a real super scary zombie, and scare the hell out of others? We've got some great zombie face painting ideas for you, and you ought to try out at least one on yourself or your friends this Halloween!

Spooky Tip!

To create a bumpy effect for showing peeled-off skin, soak a small piece of tissue or cotton in paint to stick on the face, while it is still wet. Wet paint acts as a basic glue. Once it is stuck, you can cover it with more paint.
We all love zombie movies and games, and certainly acted like them when we played horror stories as kids. It was fun, wasn't it? Then why not play them as adults! We will provide you with ideas, and even tell you how to do zombie face painting! It's easy and fun for you, and spine-chilling for others.
Here, we show you how you can look scary with minimal colors and makeup on your face. After all, what unnerves you most is a simple and real-looking ghost. An overdone makeup can make people feel creepy, and not scared.

Face Painting Ideas

Mysterious Albino Zombie

Paint your complete face white, including your lips. This makes you look pale. Darken your eyebrows with black paint. Use a light shade of red under your eyes. Don't overdo it, or it will change the effect of an albino zombie. Wear a white wig, or paint your hair white if you wish to. Now act like a walking dead!

Funny Mummy Zombie

Paint your face white, and blacken your eyes and lips. Use a light shade of red just above and below the eyes. You can even paint your eyelashes red.
Wrap a surgical bandage fabric around you, in no particular fashion. Glue it at regular intervals as you wrap yourself up, but don't make it too tight, or it will get difficult to walk.

Redhead Zombie

If you are not a redhead, paint it red! This is a haute zombie look, for which you will need to paint your face and eyebrows white, or with any light shade. Give dark shadows under your cheekbone.
Make use of a dark purple, or a mix of two dark colors, but make sure they blend in properly. Use shades of red like orange or pink, to apply around your eyes. Blend in with purple just under the eyes and on the eyelids. Apply black mascara and a shade of red for your eyes, and preferably blood red lipstick on lips. Or lipsticks in purple would also do.

Why So Serious? Zombie

Batman's Joker was a dangerous man, and his end was mysterious. You can bring him back this Halloween!
Have a joker look by applying some black paint around your eyes, green on your hair, and a wide 'WHY SO SERIOUS' smile across your face. You can paint your smile black, or red, whichever you feel looks best!

Skull Head Zombie

These make classic zombies, literally risen from the dead! Wear black clothes, paint your face white, and blacken your eyes and partly your nose. Now comes the interesting part, teeth! You can just paint parallel black lines across your lips, and a little beyond that too, to widen it a bit.

Zombie Kid

Paint your kid's face white, and add stitch marks with black and red color. Paint the area around the eyes black, and make some black teeth. Your zombie kid is ready to scare his friends!

Bullet-in-the-Head Zombie

This face painting need some expertise to make it look like a real head shot. If you can pull it off, it will look really cool.
Try creating the bullet marks with wet tissue paper and stick it on the head, but there's always this risk of tissue falling off your skin after a while. There are ready-made latex bite-marks, open wounds, and scars available at stores, which seem real after being stuck to your skin! This is a very good and easy option for creating proper scars.

Demon Zombie

Get that demonic look by painting yourself green! Pick your green wisely, so it doesn't look overdone. Highlight your temples, cheekbones, and chin with yellow color, and try making slight blue and yellow veins on your face.
Use a blue shade under your eyes and on your eyelashes. Open your hair, and cover half your face with it when you scare someone.

Bloody Zombie

Bloody zombie needs green, yellow, and red to show the blood. You can do funky hairstyles with this look. As you can see, there's not much painting done on the face, so you can just sprinkle paints with a brush. This would be the easiest and yet the scariest-looking zombie in this entire list!

Some Tips on Face Painting

▶ For children, use water colors, as they are easy to wash off. For adults, use oil colors.
▶ To apply colors, use sponge instead of brush. It is quicker and easier.
▶ Oil paints take time to dry up. Wait for the first layer of paints to dry, before applying the next color, or it will mix with the first layer, and you might have to start again!
▶ You can dust some flour on your face after you are done painting, while the paint is still wet. The flour will stick on the wet paints, giving an extra ghostly effect!