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Elegant Christmas Cards

There's nothing like elegant Christmas cards, beautifully crafted in a creative way to express one's feelings for the season. Here're a few ways to design a cards for your near and dear ones...
Marlene Alphonse Dec 19, 2018
In this world of technology, where everything just takes a matter of a few seconds to convey tidings, the traditional way of sending cards has long been forgotten. Thanks to e-cards, text messages and e-mail services, greetings for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary and even Christmas, are sent in just a blink of an eyelid.
Though it is considered to be hassle free and can be sent even at the last minute, the sad part is that people have forgotten about the beauty of sending Christmas cards. The eagerness of awaiting the card to arrive through post, opening the card to read the hand written wishes always stir emotions of love and fondness from within.
Let us renew the tradition and create some elegant Christmas cards to make in a personalized manner, to convey your greetings and love to friends and relatives for the season of Yuletide.

Elegant Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas greeting cards can be bought from card shops and gift stores, but making a card at home and sending has a beauty of its own. Card making is an art that requires just creativity and some things put together to transform a plain cardstock into elegant cards.
The best part of making Christmas cards at home is that you can give wings to your creativity and come up with some really unique cards for Christmas. So roll up your sleeves and let's begin to learn to make Christmas cards in an elegant manner.

Unleash Your Creativity

There are a number of Christmas card ideas that you can put to use and make some elegant Christmas cards with a few basic things like cardstock, glue, some decorative paper and small ornaments.
Cut the required size of cardstock for your greeting card. With the help of scissors, cut out designs on the edges. Once you are done, get the decorative paper for the second layer and cut it in the exact size or even smaller than the card paper. Paste some Christmas images with a glue onto the card.
On the front, with the help of glitter pens, draw a Christmas tree or other Christmas imagery, along with the template of 'Merry Xmas'. Choose colors that are in contrast to the card paper so that your message is visible. Inside the card, add some sayings.
For another creative homemade Christmas card idea, cut out the card paper in some unique shapes like a Christmas tree, or Santa's face, etc., you can even shape your card like a fireplace and draw the details like stockings, wreaths and fire on the card. Add your Christmas greetings and sayings inside the card with a felt pen.
For the envelope, fold an origami paper according to the size of the card. Stick the three sides with glue, leaving a side open to place the card inside. On the envelope, you can make some beautiful designs like stars, snowflakes and cherries.

Tickle the Funny Bone

For funny Christmas card ideas, follow the same pattern of making cards. To add a hilarious touch to your Christmas greeting, you can paint some funny Christmas cartoons and add a few funny Christmas sayings and spread the holiday cheer.
Caricatures of your family members also make excellent ideas for making cards. However, make sure that you don't offend the sentiments of a particular individual. This card can be sent to the younger ones in the family and they are sure going to love it.

Go Green

With many ongoing campaigns for a cleaner, pollution-free Earth, you can also go the eco-friendly way this Christmas. You can use recycled products to make the cards, instead of using cardstock.
Create interesting patterns on the card, along with the greetings. The envelope can also be made using recycled paper and other materials like cloth. Sending an eco-friendly card for Christmas, not only spreads the joy of the season but also helps creates an awareness regarding environmental issues.
These were some of the ideas for designing elegant Christmas cards. Write some Christmas card messages along with your personal greetings and send them across to your family and friends. Your people are sure going to cherish this thoughtful gesture of yours for long. Season's Greetings! Wish you a Merry Christmas!