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Elegant Christmas Decorations

Elegant Christmas Decorations
Tearing your hair off for some ideas on nice, elegant, and unique Christmas decorations? It is easy - no hassle people! Here are some interesting and easy ideas.
CelebrationJoy Staff
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
Budget-friendly Decoration
You can have an elegant and beautiful decoration even when on a budget. Try using ribbons, homemade crafts, colored pine cones, fresh flowers, hand-painted fabric, candles, and chocolates for decoration.
There is a marked nip in the air and the atmosphere is full of life. The bells are ringing and they have ushered in one of the most awaited events of the year - Christmas! Streets are abuzz with people dressed as Santa and the shop doors are adorned with decorations and everyone's favorite, Christmas tree. Have you embarked on mission Christmas decoration as yet? You haven't? Well, then ladies and gentlemen gear up because you' re going to be flooded with classy decoration ideas.
Christmas Decoration Ideas
Glass Bowls
To begin with, have crystal or glass bowls at your disposal. Then get hold of some crystal ornaments in different colors, especially gold and silver, and shapes to fill the glass bowl. This can be your Christmas centerpiece. It is the simplest thing to make, yet is beautiful and eye-catching.
Christmas Ornaments In Glass Bowl
Christmas Ornaments In Glass Bowl
Yellow Christmas Glass Bowl
Glass Bowl Decorations
Candlestick Centerpieces
Although this might sound clich├ęd, it is a fact that there is nothing better than your good old candles for decorating your home. All you need is colorful candles (in varying sizes and shapes) and candle holders with a few accessories and embellishments.
How To Flaunt Your Old Candles
  • Start off with cleaning and polishing your candle holders.
  • Choose candles which will go well with the general flow of decorations and the tableware.
  • Tie bows to the candlesticks or candle holders or directly on the candles. Make sure that you tie the ribbons below the burn area in case you are tying the ribbons to the candles directly.
  • An odd numbered arrangement of candles will be unique than one having even numbers.
  • Be it a coffee table, fireplace mantle, or side table, this decorating idea wins hands down.
  • Use a variety of candle holders to jazz up the decorations.
  • For a variation, you can keep the candlesticks on a tray, with pine boughs underneath. Also spray some artificial snow around the base.
christmas santa centerpiece
Christmas Santa Centerpiece
christmas candles centerpiece
Christmas Candles Centerpiece
The Christmas Tree
Can Christmas be replete without a Christmas tree? No! Hence let's embellish the Christmas tree now.
  • It's all about the harmony of colors and ornaments! Buy a nice fir or spruce tree, get hold of one/two categories of ornaments, and do not deviate from that.
  • Have enough of those strands of cute and tiny white lights - they resonate class. Nothing else can replace these beautiful decorating pieces.
  • Beginning with these lights, add the Christmas ornaments on the background one by one.
  • Check for symmetry and re-arrange if necessary.
  • To make your tree look gorgeous, position your best ornaments well.
Lit Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree with Lights
Christmas Tree With Many Presents
Christmas Tree with Ornaments
Cake Plates
Did you ever know that a cake plate can come to your rescue while decorating a table? Believe me, it does! You just need a few good ornaments and your old cake plate can look absolutely amazing. Take a cake plate and place a beautiful candle in it, at the center. Some ferns or any kind of greenery, real or artificial, anything would do, are next to go at the base of the candle. Along with that, have some elegant glass balls to go with the greenery. Voila!
Christmas cake
Decorated Cake Plate
cake plate
Cake Plate with Glass Balls
Christmas Windows
This is for the areas where it does not get too cold or where there is not a lot of snowfall. For starters, add frosty fake snow to the bottom of your windows. This is a great way to give the feeling of the festive fervor. Use a glass frosting spray to perfect the look. You are done!
window decorated for Christmas
Window Decorated with a Wreath
window decoration for Christmas
Window Decorations for Christmas
Take a cue from the ideas and pictures given above, or come up with your own. So, get set for the jingle bells and a great Christmas!
Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration On Defocused Lights Background
Christmas Ornament On Tree
Mirrored Christmas Ornament
Classic Christmas Cookies
Christmas Room Interior
Christmas Wreath
Christmas Trees
Christmas Wreath
Full Christmas decorations
Oh Christmas Tree