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11 Fabulous Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Cheryl Mascarenhas Apr 17, 2019
With Easter around the corner, it is time to hunt for unique ways to decorate Easter eggs. This story brings you a collection of easy Easter egg decorating ideas that can be executed by kids as well as adults.

Obtain Natural Colors From:

Onion peels―brown
Nutshell of walnut―black
Marigold flower―golden
Mallow flower petals―violet
Leaves of periwinkle―green
Beet juice―pink
Easter is a well-known religious holiday that sees distribution and consumption of a large number of Easter eggs. Easter or Paschal eggs mark the celebration of Easter as well as spring. Eggs along with bunnies, chicks, and lilies are symbols of rebirth and renewal, and are often given as symbols of Easter.
Decorating eggs with dye and paint is a custom that has been in practice ever since the thirteenth century. Many families still follow the custom of painting hard-boiled eggs to make their own Easter eggs. Here are ideas for decorating Easter eggs to make your celebration more meaningful.

Polka Dots

One of the most common themes on children's clothing, toys, furniture, and craft ideas is that of randomly or evenly spaced polka dots. 
All you need to do is shop for circular stickers that can go onto the eggs before you douse it in a layer of paint. Once the paint is dry, you have got to peel off the stickers to reveal a neat, round patch. You can alternately paint the entire egg with a base color, and once dry, paint polka dots using a fine art brush.


Another popular element used to decorate eggs is that of bold stripes. 
Vertical or horizontal stripes adorning the Easter egg are definitely a pretty sight to see. Use a base paint to cover the egg after which you can use a fine art brush to complete the detailing.


Marble eggs look elegant and have a glossy shine, making it even more attractive. Start with submerging the eggs in a base color; once dry, use a darker shade to get the perfect effect.


Think bright, think pretty, think neon. It's spring time, and neon colors are definitely in. Use the dip-dye technique to coat all the eggs with neon colors to look pretty at your Easter table.


Quite a contrast to the bright-colored neon eggs, pastel shades are lighter and softer-colored eggs. You can enhance the eggs with soft, hand-painted designs to make it more interesting.


Move on from regular-dyed eggs and add shimmer to your set of Easter eggs. 
Powdered glitter is easy to use and comes in an array of colors that allow you to mix and match and even create your own new shade. You simply have to brush craft glue over the shell and then dip into powdered glitter.


Get out your beads and pretty sequins, and get crafty.
Once the eggs are blown and dry, you can use hot glue to fasten beads and sequins onto the shell. Leave to dry and have a bejeweled Easter egg ready.


Here's for the artist in you. Use up your talent to create masterpieces of Easter eggs. Weave an intricate story with each egg telling a brand new tale. 
You can alternately use leaves, petals, or even vegetables dipped in paint to get a print on the egg shell.


Let your creative juices flow and you are sure to come up with ideas that will make a unique Easter egg. You can use musical notes, laces, feathers, and other decoration items to adorn the egg. 
Besides, you could even use cake icing on chocolate eggs to make it even more attractive. Let's not forget the power of origami―you can create rolled flowers and leaves to adorn your Easter egg.

Knit and Yarn

Crochet egg pouches or knit covers make interesting, yet fascinating Easter egg decorations. 
You can craft tiny hoodies or even bonnets to don the Easter eggs. Too bored to knit? Simply use colorful yarn to cover the egg shell.


Use random colors and different paint styles and strokes to create an abstract work of art. You can even use multiple ideas to decorate an egg. 
How about creating a hypnotic effect with eggs decorated with checks and dots that create a lasting effect? Well, they are sure to stand out when laid down on the table.