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Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Madhura Pandit Dec 20, 2018
Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are looking for family Christmas gift ideas, then you are at the right place. Presented here are top Christmas gifts for every member of the family.
Christmas is a season of celebration, fun and enjoyment. You have already shopped for most of the required stuff. However, as usual one gets stuck up with the ideas on gifts to buy for the family.
You just don't seem to understand what to gift your dad or what could be the perfect Christmas gift for your mom. Well, family gifts are relatively easier to choose as you know the preferences and choices of your family members (if not, keep a watch for a couple of days to know).

Whole Family Christmas Gifts

Buying a single gift for the entire family may seem tough. However, here are some interesting ideas that will be helpful to you. The following are the best gifts for the entire family.
♦ Bonsai Tree or other decorative plants
♦ Candles/candle stand
♦ Complete encyclopedia
♦ Board games
♦ Digital picture frame
♦ Decorative frame set
♦ Easel and colors
♦ Sweets/Savory/Dried fruits gift baskets
♦ Picnic backpack
♦ Voucher for a family portrait

Gifts for Dad

Apart from buying a book or a neck tie, there are several creative Christmas gift ideas for dad. Here are the best Christmas presents for dad.
♦ Golf clubs/sports equipment
♦ Gardening gear
♦ Cologne
♦ Fishing gear
♦ Swiss army knife
♦ Personalized beer mug
♦ Leather case
♦ Kindle

Gifts for Mom

Take a look at the following ideas on Christmas presents for mom.
♦ Cashmere shawl
♦ Gourmet cookbook
♦ Perfume
♦ Cappuccino/Espresso maker
♦ Pancake/cake/muffin mix with recipes
♦ Jewelry box
♦ Monogrammed spa slippers
♦ Fondue set
♦ Cell phone accessories

Gifts for Girls

It is no wonder that you cannot decide on a single gift for your sister/friend, etc. Here are Christmas gift ideas for teenagers which will be helpful to you.
♦ Spa coupon
♦ Scented soaps
♦ Swiss chocolates
♦ Flat/curling iron
♦ Stuffed toys
♦ Friendship bracelet kit
♦ Cupcake maker
♦ Silver jewelry/pendant/bracelet

Gifts for Guys

If you are looking for a gift for your little brother, then you may take a look at the following ideas. If he is an adult, you need to alter your choice to Christmas gifts for men. Take a look.
♦ Tickets to a sports game
♦ Personalized coffee mug
♦ Collectible sports cards
♦ Roller skates/skate board
♦ Hip flask
♦ Hoodie/sports team jersey
♦ Sunglasses
♦ Hands free phone headset
♦ iFlash

Gifts for Kids

There are more options for Christmas gifts for kids, apart from chocolates and toys. The following are some more interesting gift ideas for kids in the family.
♦ Personalized bracelets
♦ Beaded jewelry
♦ Night vision watch
♦ Laptop for kids
♦ Science/cooking kits for kids
♦ Diaries/journals for kids
♦ Lego sets
Family Christmas gifts should be such that each person gets what he/she had longed for. Apart from the ones mentioned here, gift baskets are also considered as one of the best gifts for the entire family.
Family gift basket ideas include chocolates gift baskets, beach gift baskets, coffee gift baskets, cakes and cookies gift baskets, etc. When making/buying a family gift basket, you should make sure to include something for everyone in the basket.
Handmade family Christmas gifts include homemade sweets, photo frames, ornaments, pen stand, etc. You can even make personalized gifts like personalized poems, portraits, etc. for every member in the family. Last, but not the least, homemade cards can also be one of the best gift ideas for the entire family.
These were some of the popular ideas and options for family gifts, and for every member in the family. So, zero down on any of these family Christmas gift ideas, hurry and get the perfect gift for your family, just in time! Merry Christmas!