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Fun Family Reunion Games and Ideas

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
Are you planning a family reunion, and are on the lookout for some fun games? Here are some ideas you can incorporate for the party.
New job opportunities make us travel long distances, and discover new places. In this process, we often forget to spend quality time with our near and dear ones.
Family reunions give you the opportunity to mingle with your relatives who have been away from you over a period of time. Hence, if you are in the midst of planning a reunion, here's a look at some ideas that will help to add a fun element to the entire atmosphere.

Fun And Craft

Have a game that involves the use of craft, which will help the entire family to bond well together and have a great time as well. You can use a large mural that is crafted from heavy-duty paper, and hang it up on the wall.
Then, ask each family member to come and add their own personal touch to the mural with a drawing of their own. Kids sure will love this game, and it will keep them busy as well.

Funny Storytelling Sessions

All you need to do is sit together with a nice cup of hot coffee, and engage in storytelling sessions that reveal a new thing about each other as the session goes on.
Remember, the more hilarious it is, the more laughs it will generate. Use this storytelling session to bring out some really funny situations connected with each other into the open.

Family Tree

Create a family tree chart, and paste it on the wall. Your family members can have a great time filling it in, and this will prove to be a useful memento for all of you.

Cooking Contest

Ask each family or group to prepare one dish and bring it along. Then, you can select a group that will act as the judging panel. Ensure that you have a trophy for the winner as well.

Showcase Your Talent

A talent competition is a great way to bring the family together, and keep them entertained. This would also help you to discover the hidden talents as well. May it be singing or dancing, you are bound to be entertained in all ways.

Baby Pictures

Gather all the baby photographs of as many relatives as possible before you plan the reunion. Then, paste them on a large board, and divide all the members of the family in separate groups.
Let each group have its turn in guessing the members in the baby photographs. Keep your prizes ready for the group that manages to guess right the maximum amount of family pictures.

Drawing Contest

This game is bound to keep all the children busy. Provide the children with some paper and crayons, and let them display their creativity. Give them a list of topics they can select as per their taste.
Display all the works, and remember to note down the name of each and every young artist behind the drawing. This will definitely prove to be very useful later on. Give a prize to all the participating artists.
Use these activities to add a fun element to the party. These games are bound to break the ice, and help you interact better with each other.