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Things to Consider While Making Family Reunion Invitations

Puja Lalwani Oct 4, 2018
Take a look at the various things to be considered while making invitations for a family reunion, so as to get your loved ones excited and interested about meeting one another!
Family reunions are an important way to catch up with extended family, and get to know them better. Though it is called a 'reunion', for many it is a first, and to be able to make it a happy occasion, it is better to ensure that it goes well. A well-planned one begins with the invitations.
If they aren't exciting and interesting enough, not many family members are going to want to attend it, thereby making the otherwise grand idea, a flop. Thus, all that you need to know about making invitations for family reunions has been mentioned here.

How to Write Good Invitations

The key to creating a perfect invitation is to include all the necessary information about the reunion in the invitation. Because not all family members belong to the same city you are living in, it is better to send an invitation by post, and follow it up with a call to ensure that your all your relatives have received it. Take a look at these tips.

Make it Look Attractive

Instead of sending out a plain invitation, spice it up a bit. Use decorative paper to print out the invitations.
Even better, make them on your own from scratch. It may be a little time-consuming, but it will portray your strong desire for the reunion. Make it colorful and attractive. If possible, include pictures of the tentative location of the get together.
It is bound to make your loved ones feel important and wanted. Just remember to keep it elegant. Try out a few of these ideas:
  • Include pictures of family members and create a family tree. This photo invite will evoke all the right emotions and have everyone rushing for the reunion.
  • Make custom invitations for each family by printing family specific invitations with pictures of each family on them.
  • If you are having a theme, print invitations specific to them, for instance, masquerade or sports.
Print a few sample invitations before you send them across, to get an idea about which one will be appropriate.

Word it Right

Wording in a family reunion invitation is as important as making it look good. Wording can include some quotes or a short poem about family. Go on to explain the details of the reunion, and how, where, and when you are planning it.
If you are planning one that is spread out over a couple of days, ensure you include an itinerary of all the events so that the family can bring relevant clothes and other items.
If you intend to spend it at a beach, they can bring along their beach wear, sun block lotions, spare clothes, etc.
Also, inform them about the venue they are going to stay, and the costs involved in the same. Even if it is just a day long event, ensure all the details are mentioned, such as a party theme, time, venue, etc.
It is a better idea to clarify everything in the invitation than have them suddenly surprised about something, after they have arrived at the reunion. All these details can be printed on a sheet apart from the main invitation, or on a pamphlet to save the trouble of maintaining several sheets of information.

Include an RSVP

An invitation accompanied by an RSVP will always give you a better idea of how big the reunion is going to be. Include all your contact details in the invitation, your address, your phone numbers, and your email address.
Include a map for those who are coming from other towns and cities. Frame the invitations in a manner that you only receive a positive response from everyone! Ensure that you send the invitation in time for them to return the RSVP. This will also give them time to plan for the trip. The invitation should be ideally sent at least 3 to 6 months in advance.

Send a Reminder

Follow the invitation by post, with a phone call to remind the family of the upcoming reunion. This will also give you a final round up of all the people attending it. Moreover, you will be able to check if everyone has received an invitation. This way, if they haven't, at least they'll know you sent them one when you follow up.
Creating and sending invitations are sensitive issues and should be given prime importance while planning a family reunion. This is to make sure that all the family members make it to the reunion with a positive hope of excitement and interest. After all, what good is a reunion without happy family members!­