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Fantastic Christmas-themed Fruit Decoration Ideas

Sheetal Mandora Dec 19, 2018
Christmas decoration staples like fallen leaves, twigs, nuts, and dried flowers have been done to death. This year, let this information give you breathtaking fall decoration cues with fruits that will prepare your home for a fresh, festive holiday.
Avoid common holiday decorating mistakes. Follow these 2 simple, yet effective, rules instead.
Don't go overboard with your holiday decorations. Stick to simple, clutter-free elements that complement one another.
Do mix and match decor items like candlesticks, vases, and ornaments of different colors and shades to liven your home.
Twinkling lights along the driveways and porches, abundant colors all around the home, and the gleaming décor arrangements truly do capture the essence of Christmas. Whether you're comfortable with traditional decorations or like to experiment with contemporary items, our holiday ideas will inspire you.
Although some of the décor elements we've given are pretty straightforward. However, we have provided necessary steps to turn these ideas into reality.

Christmas Fruit Trees

First, we begin by giving you a whimsical decor suggestion―three-dimensional fruit Christmas trees. They may look complicated, but are quite easy to assemble.
Depending on which fruits you wish to highlight on the tree, gather and place them on your workstation. Remember, you can take either fresh or dried fruits to make this tree.
⒈ You need to purchase a cone-shaped styrofoam base and some toothpicks. To assemble the tree, take whole fruits and/or slices and pierce them through the toothpicks.
⒉ Starting at the base of the cone, you need to work all the way around it and pierce all the toothpicks filled with fruits on it.
⒊ Once you're finished, you can place a cut star fruit or a decorative star on top of the cone. Transfer it onto a clean plate before adding the tree to the table.
⒋ Of course, it goes without saying that people will be tempted to eat the fruits from this wonderful tree. So, perhaps this décor element has not one but two useful functions. Apart from the fruits, you can decorate the tree with some ornaments.
⒌ Preserve the appearance of the tree by drizzling some lemon juice all over it. This will keep the fresh fruits from wilting for a long time.

Christmas Fruit Wreaths

There are a number of ways to make festive wreaths to hang on your front door and/or windows. Although dried fruits, nuts, spices, bows, etc., are some of the more popular choices, this year, we want you to give fresh fruits a chance.
⒈ You can use apples, pomegranates, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, winter cherries, cranberries, star fruits, and other fruits that you may like. And as you would normally prepare any type of wreath, you will require a store-bought wooden wreath, your choice of fruits (fresh, slices, or wax), glue, satin ribbons, floral pins, and floral wire.
⒉ Using hot glue, you need to be absolutely careful while securing the fruits onto the wreath. If you are using fresh fruits, the weight of the wreath will increase tremendously. Which means, as each fruit goes on, you will have to secure it with floral wires and pins.
⒊ Use satin ribbons of different colors to keep the fruits from falling off the wreath once hung. Apart from keeping the wreath as is, you can choose to apply gold or silver spray paint on the fruits as well. It'll give the wreath a whole new look.
⒋ If the wreath you're making becomes too heavy, and you're worried that it may not hold for a long time, choose to remove some pieces of fruits and substitute them with some sprigs of greenery. Pine cones, ornaments, and bells are a good way to decorate the wreath without making it too heavy to work with.
⒌ On the other hand, if a circular wreath seems too "been there, done that" for you, opt for U- or heart-shaped wooden wreath base.

Christmas Fruit Centerpieces

With a galore of DIY blogs and especially, Pinterest, the idea of purchasing centerpieces seems like a concept of the past. So, this year, replace your standard centerpiece at the dinner table and around the house with whimsical fruit-themed centerpieces.
⒈ Gather the fruits and other items like candles, flowers, greenery, ribbons, pine cones, nuts, spices, etc., you wish to put in a container.
⒉ Now think about how you wish to arrange and assemble the centerpiece. You can select from the designs given here for inspiration.
⒊ Once ready, place the centerpiece(s) on your table.
One of the good things about an edible centerpiece is that once it serves its purpose, the guests can enjoy having it at the dinner table.

Christmas Fruit Home Décor

Just as we made the centerpieces, in the same manner you can use fresh fruits and a variety of different elements to decorate your home. As your holiday guests arrive, they will notice the wonderful fruits festooned around your home.
Keep a fruit arrangement near the entrance and a few scattered around the living room to set a festive tone for your home. And with such gorgeous and breathtaking fruit décor ideas, it is up to you to decide how and where to use them all.