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Fireplace Decorations for Christmas

Rutuja Jathar Dec 17, 2018
Special fireplace decorations for Christmas make the occasion and one's home, all the more inviting. After all the fireplace is the warmest place in the house in the cold winter days. Let's take a look at some interesting ideas, which would help you in decorating the fireplace for Christmas...
Along with the ringing bells and chilling breeze, Christmas brings love, happiness and gifts. An event much awaited, Christmas celebrations in most of the households start with the decoration of the house and shopping.
Socks on the mantle and a decorated fireplace, complete with warm milk and fresh cookies for Santa, have always been an inviting aspect of Christmas.
Well, despite the harsh truth for small kids, that Santa doesn't actually drop by through the chimney to give us our gifts, the tradition and importance of fireplace decoration has remained evergreen. Here let's discuss some great ideas which one can use for the decoration of the mantle, chimney (from the inside of course) and the fireplace area.
Being the coziest and the most romantic corner of the house, during the cold weather, fireplace decoration can be very enjoyable.
In the modern times, tough several people have switched to modernized, gas, propane and electricity operated hearths, these too can be decorated using the same ideas.

Simple Fireplace Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Here are some simple, ideas which are not too elaborate but at the same time, they provide a great get up for the fireplace:

Letter Banners

Yes! The age-old idea simply never gets old, especially, if you don't have enough time to decorate the fireplace and mantle. There is of course a choice of buying the letter banner or making one at home by yourself. Simply putting up a banner, which says, "Merry Christmas" can add a good get up to the fireplace.
One can add some smaller ones, such as, "Joy", "Peace" or "Happiness". Smaller letter banners can also be used to make a collage on the wall over the mantle. A good thing about the letter banners is that they can be used in almost any kind of Christmas decorations.

Hearth Rugs

One can place some hearth rugs around the fireplace. The ones which are made from natural materials such as jute and wool, tend to provide nice warmth and can be used as foot mats when one enjoys a cup of coffee by the fireside, while relaxing on the chair.


In the early or first half of the 20th century, a tradition of placing important photographs on the mantle evolved. This tradition, though not followed very widely, today can be used as a decorative measure.
You can place photographs of important family occasions such as wedding photos or photos of all the kids, just after they were born or even baptism ceremonies or graduation photos, over the fireplace.

Faux Decorations

The fireplace and the mantle is a great platform for innovation. Miniature trees, leaves, an entire Christmas wreath and other types of coniferous foliage can adorn the fireplace and mantle.
Artificial snow can also be used over the foliage and faux plants. This get up is indeed pleasing.


No doubt that you would be using socks, in the customary manner, by placing them on the mantle or nailing them above the fireplace.
In case if there are kids in the house or you want to give a gift to a guest, or a kid next door, then you can place them in the sock when they are over at your place.


Candles in all shapes and sizes tend to have a fantastic effect on the room. The best way to decorate the room with the help of a set of candles is to buy candles in a good color scheme and place them in glasses.
In fact, if you buy simple white or yellowish candles and place them in common wine glasses, the magic of light will add a fascinating glow to the entire get up.
Now these were the simpler ideas which could adorn your fireplace and mantle. There are also some other ones which are a little complex, time-consuming and elaborate.

Theme Based Fireplace Decorations

Apart from the Christmas tree, the fireplace is a very significant location in the house, where almost all of us flock to warm ourselves. Decorating the fireplace and the mantle place using a theme makes it rather catchy and brings out the flavor of Christmas even more merrily. Let's take a look...

The Saints Go Marching

Several of us do not know it, but a number of Saints, patrons and historical figures are associated with the festivities of Christmas. If you are particularly fond of history, religion or culture, then you will certainly find this theme interesting.
The fireplace or mantle can become a literal parade of important figures, you can have miniatures of Mother Mary with Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth delivering a sermon, the 12 Apostles or patron saints who hold a significance in your region or culture, you can have the Biblical Magi.
You can also have a miniature of Saint Nicholas (Nikolaos the Wonderworker), Angel Gabriel, Zwarte Piet, Santa Claus and even Sinterklaas. The parade can be adorned in false snow, faux foliage and mystical light from candles. This can become a great teaching session for the kids.

Santa Claus and his Troops

This one is quite similar to the last one. You can have a miniature parade of Santa Claus, Zwarte Piet and other elves and also the original 8 reindeer and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, along with a sledge.

Christmas Tree and a Coniferous Foliage

The conventional Christmas tree being a Coniferous tree, the foliage of a Coniferous forest is often associated with Christmas.
This idea is a simple one and you would require artificial foliage, faux trees, some artificial snow, candles and some wine and normal glasses. Star off by placing the false trees and foliage over the fireplace and then spray some artificial snow on the foliage.
Next, you can place the glasses in the snow and foliage and then light candles in them. Adds, an enlightening look does it not? Within this, you can also attach and paste several different Christmas ornaments on the fireplace and the mantle. Using Christmas lights, ribbons and garlands is also another great option.

Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath above the fireplace is a very, very old tradition. Now there are several ways with the help of which one can decorate the wreath. Now one can have a horizontal wreath as well as a vertical wreath.
Decorating it is also another aspect. Decorating it as per the Lutheran practice by lighting 4 candles and an additional one on the Christmas eve or the Christmas day is one great option.
Alternatively, one can fix it up vertically over the fireplace or the mantle and decorate it with ribbon or bows.
There are many inexpensive decorative items that one can bring home during Christmas, or make them at home, decoration after all, is also a matter of personal choice. Fireplace decorations for Christmas will surely be an enjoyable part of your holidays when all family members join in.

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