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First Year Anniversary Gifts

Mukta Gaikwad Jun 18, 2019
A year after you promised to be together for a lifetime, the vows and the moments of unassailable love needs to be cherished with romantic gifts for your first anniversary.
The incessant flush of love when you said, 'I do' and locked your lips together to vow to be forever, was a magical moment. A year ago, the two of you made an unassailable surrender to a pact of love, faith and hope, making a joyous nuptial agreement.
You raised a toast to celebrate a marriage filled with happiness, that would strengthen with every sunny or stormy day. As love continues to grow like a verdant spring plant, it's that time of the year to reminisce those wedding vows, affection, and dreams with which you made a home for yourselves.
Gifts for first wedding anniversary are a great way to revive those moments of love, rekindle the romance, and fall in love all over again.

First Wedding Anniversary

A love still young, needs some sinful indulgence and pampering. First anniversary is the perfect occasion to do all of that and much more. This anniversary requires a little planning, like all gifts do. A year is a good enough time to know a place where your partner would like to vacation.
Plan a surprise vacation for your spouse. Surprise your partner with the tickets, so that you notify them in advance that they've been booked (and need to take time off work in case the need be)!
Even a weekend getaway would make for a memorable gift. After all, it's all about exploring new places that make for experiences of a lifetime!

Celebrating One Year of Dating

One year is a considerable time to know a person. If you have been waiting to give your relationship a more meaningful connotation, then here's your chance. Your gift has to match the passion of your relationship, as it is the only opportunity you get to show where your relationship is heading after a year.
These gift ideas are all about making the day special just as it was a year ago. Find out your partners ring finger's size and get a silver ring made. You can ask the jeweler to engrave a message on the inner circumference.
If the message is too long, then your name on his ring, and his name on your ring just makes this idea cuter! On the anniversary day, hide this ring under the pillow and leave clues all over the place directing to the ring. A little treasure hunt to find the priceless treasure, will surely be worth the wait!

Gifts for Him

The scent of a man makes a woman go weak in her knees. Yes, the anniversary gifts is a perfume, but wait, for the gift comes with a clause. At the year's end, you surely know what his favorite scent is.
Now the clause, is to get this scent bottled in an antique glass bottle with a monogram of his initials on them. Once the scent is a re-bottled, tie a ribbon around it and finish it gift with a romantic message. Surely the fragrance will do more to his senses than you expect!

Gifts for Her

Gifting a woman is a lot easier than gifting a man. With a million options, you'd be spoiled for choice! However, pick the best out of these options to make her feel special.
An exquisite piece of jewelry is something that she'll fall in love with. To make this piece special, design it in a way that it reminds her of something personal.
For instance, a pendant which has an artistic etching of your wedding date, or her zodiac sign, or a necklace of pearls which she's been eying every time you've gone window shopping or a birthstone ring. If you are gifting her a piece of jewelry it has to be something meaningful and unique.
The whole point of celebrating anniversaries is that it be enjoyed by the couple equally. Whether it is taking vacation, a romantic dinner or buying something, the activity has to involve the two of you. Only then is the joy of giving going to be doubled!