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Funny Christmas Card Ideas

Do you wish to crack a smile on the face of your friends and relatives? Well then, swap those boring Santa Claus or snow man cards for hilarious Christmas cards.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 17, 2018
Christmas is the time for celebrating the festive spirit, exchanging Christmas gifts and enjoying the holiday season. It is a great opportunity to catch up with relatives and friends. For those staying away from us, there are always the Christmas cards to convey our wishes to them.
Every year, we buy hundreds of Christmas cards to be sent over to our near and dear ones. However, mostly these cards are very traditional with Santa Claus or snow man pictures upon them. This can turn out to be pretty boring after a certain point of time.
Thus, if you wish to bring innovation to Christmas cards or want your loved ones to get a good laugh on the occasion, then funny Christmas cards could be your ultimate option.

Funny Christmas Card Ideas

When it comes to funny ideas for Christmas cards, you have two options, either sift through the shelves of shop and find a dozens of funny cards or invest a fair amount of time or efforts and come up with your own funny Christmas cards.
The second option promises a great deal of satisfaction and gives a personal touch to your Christmas cards. Here are some funny ideas to make Christmas cards with a personal touch.

Funny Memoirs

You sure must have experienced some funny moments with the recipient. If you have the pictures of related incidences, then scan these pictures on your computer and get them printed on a card paper. These days many shops sell blank card templates.
Thus, you can get them printed on a good quality printer and add a line or two regarding the funny incidence and send it over to your loved one. Do not forget to convey your regards for Christmas and new year!

Personalized Photos

If you are sending the cards in the family, you sure would like to give a special family touch to your Christmas cards. If you have a little kid or a baby, click her pictures and scan them. Edit the picture to add some funny Christmas sayings that are widely available on the Internet.
Get the print outs and send them over. Your parents or siblings who could not be there for Christmas would be overjoyed to receive such Christmas cards. Alternatively, you can also make a collage of all Christmas photos of your family clicked over the years and print it on a card paper with funny messages.

Musical Cards

These are especially suited if you want to send cards to your little nephew or niece who cannot yet read. If you have a kid yourself, then record some Christmas poems or carols in her voice and make a CD. Send this CD, along with the Christmas card to the little recipient.
These Christmas cards for kids are indeed very cute and of course funny! For adults, you can send electric musical cards that start playing Christmas carols upon opening.

Dos and Don'ts

You need to be extremely careful while sending funny Christmas cards to your near ones. Make sure your sense of humor can be appreciated by the recipient. Your card or the message should not hurt the recipient's feelings in any way. Also, it is not a great idea to send your funny cards to your clients or seniors.
Instead go for more formal and decent ones. However, if your profession demands so, there is no harm in sending funny cards to clients. Also, be careful while sending funny but offensive Christmas cards to old people who hold the Christmas traditions in highest regard.
You can also come up with your own funny Christmas cards by considering the taste of your recipients. Also, do not forget to stick an equally funny address label on your card envelope. So, this Christmas, bring a smile on the face of your loved ones with these funny cards. Merry Christmas and have fun!