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Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sujata Iyer Dec 19, 2018
Glass Christmas tree ornaments are one of the most elegant ways of decorating your Christmas tree. Read ahead for some ideas on these ornaments.
The tree stood tall and strong. Deep green foliage, embellished with the most beautiful glass ornaments ever seen. As the sunlight hit the tree, it glistened with pride. Its pretty ornaments couldn't help but sparkle a little more than necessary, seeing the admiring looks that they were receiving.
When dusk came and the lights were low, the tree was lit up with a string of colorful lights. The light reflected on each and every glass ornament adorning the massive tree, giving it the surreal appearance of an angel. As people watched the tree in its full grandeur and magnificence, they couldn't help but sigh in awe!
Seems like something out of a fairytale? It doesn't have to. You can have your very own glorious Christmas tree that everyone will envy by doing one simple thing. Use some beautiful glass ornaments. Using them will give your tree a look of brilliance and sparkle that it might be missing.
What's more, there are so many different types of glass ornaments available today, from clear glass to stained glass to frosted ones. There is no dearth of variety. So, it's really up to you and your creativity to decide which type of ornament you'll use for your tree this year.

Typical Glass

You've probably been decorating your Christmas tree for years. So you're most definitely acquainted with the types of ornaments that you can use. You can first decide a theme for your decoration and accordingly get the required ornaments. Given here is a list of themes and ornaments that can go with them.
▪ Stars: For this theme, it's pretty obvious that you'll have to pick star-shaped ornaments. But this year, you can add a twist. Instead of the usual clear glass stars, this year go in for frosted stars. Or another idea would be to scrounge the stores for beautiful colored glass stars to hang on your tree.
▪ Bounty: If you want to celebrate the spirit of Christmas by proclaiming gratitude for all that you've received, use various glass ornaments that are shaped like things to be eaten or drunk. Miniature wine glasses, pickles, fruits, berries, nuts, onions, etc. So many different ornaments to choose from!
Random: Yes, randomness can be a theme too. But it does not mean that your tree has to look ugly. Even randomness can have some order. So pick out a seemingly haphazard set of ornaments, by which no real theme can be judged.
They can be glass feathers, snowflakes, pine cones, Santas, hearts, globes, mushrooms, fish, leaves, etc. Anything and everything that you lay your eyes on.

Antique Glass

Another brilliant idea is to hunt for some really old ornaments and use them. You can shop for them, but they'll definitely be a little steeply priced.
Alternatively, you can ask around in your own family for them, get them cleaned and polished and personalize them by getting your family name inscribed on them.

Homemade Blown Glass

If you are acquainted with the art of glass making and its various techniques, then you can have some beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments. Take it up as a craft project and make superb glass and beaded ornaments to decorate your gorgeous Christmas tree.
There are so many options when it comes to glass ornaments. Pick the ones that appeal to you (and your budget) the most. Whatever you pick, will make your tree sparkle and twinkle like a bright star in the night sky. Happy decorating!