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Grease Movie-Inspired Costumes

Tulika Nair Oct 19, 2018
If your all time favorite movie is Grease, then dress up in costumes inspired from this movie for the next costume party that you need to attend. You are sure to be the cynosure of all eyes.
The T-Birds and the Pink Ladies! John Travolta, Olivia Newton John, and a movie that took the world by storm, Grease probably features on everyone's list of favorite Hollywood musicals.
It is also a favorite costume idea, thanks to the ease with which the Grease costumes can be replicated. If you have always wanted to do the biker-grunge look of the greaser subculture, then read ahead for Grease movie-inspired costume ideas that you can use.

Grease Costumes for Women

While this was released in the 1970s, it was set in the late 1950s, and therefore the costumes were hugely inspired from the fashion in that era. Donning costumes from the movie Grease for girls translates into wearing tight sweaters in the off-shoulder or boat neck patterns, with either skirts or pants.
Figure-hugging pedal-pusher pants in black also were a favorite with the female characters in this movie. Other essentials included the circle skirt, the poodle skirt, saddle shoes, tennis shoes, and the quintessential letter jackets that belonged to their boyfriends.
The female protagonist of the movie was Sandy, a foreign exchange student played by Olivia Newton-John. Her character was that of a naive girl who gets a makeover at the end. For most of the movie, Sandy's clothes were made up of short-sleeved blouses, long flared skirts, waistcoats that matched the skirt, white socks, and white tennis shoes.
This is one costume that you can easily get as it was a take on the 1950s' fashion for women. If you want to impersonate Sandy after her makeover, then you need to don a black t-shirt, leather pants, black jacket and red heels. Top this by wearing a curly blonde wig and you are ready to impersonate Olivia Newton-John.
If Grease costumes are synonymous for you with the clothes worn by the Pink Ladies, then you need to get hold of a short-sleeved blouse (preferably in white), black pencil skirt or pedal-pusher pants, and a vivid scarf to tie around your neck.
The most important thing that you need to wear to complete the look is the Pink Ladies jacket, which in the movie was a pink jacket with Pink Ladies emblazoned on the back.

Grease Costumes for Men

If you remember the craze that Travolta caused in the 70s with his Grease look, then you would know how to assemble this costume. Grease costume patterns for men were also a kickback from the 1950s' fashion trends. The most important feature of the attire is the leather jacket that became synonymous with the movie.
Try to get a leather jacket with front pockets and a silver zipper. Use white paper to make the T-birds logo and stick it on the back. Pair the jacket with classic dark blue denims. For a biker grunge look, you can cuff the bottom of the jeans. Wear the jacket over a plain white T-shirt. Accentuate the look with black shoes, white socks and black sunglasses.
Of course, you cannot really replicate the look of the T-birds without paying attention to their hair. If you have long hair, then apply hair gel and slick it back. Comb the front section forward to create a pompadour. Alternatively, you can also opt to buy a wig from a costume store.
Whether you have to don this look for a Halloween party or dress up as your favorite star for a fancy dress competition, Grease movie-inspired costumes are a sure-shot way of grabbing all the attention you want.