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Great Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Guys

Sheetal Mandora Feb 1, 2019
Who knows what a Valentine's night has in store for all of us? Shouldn't you be ready for anything that may come your way? With this post by your side, look sharp and dashing with these 28 handsome Valentine's Day outfit ideas, no matter how you plan to spend the evening.
Common Knowledge - Matching the color of your belt with the shoes.

One Step Further - Matching the texture and finish of your belt with the shoes.
Famous for being one of the biggest date nights of the year, getting dressed for Valentine's Day is a chore for men. Of course, many women love to take advantage of this night and wear fancy outfits to put a spell on their date. However, on the contrary, men don't necessarily share the same sentiments of matching designs, colors, patterns, textures, etc.
Nevertheless, discard these so-called hassles, worries, and/or doubts that may be arising in your mind, and concentrate on the Valentine's Day fashion tips given below. Keeping the outfits focused on jeans and pants, our following 28 ideas will help you get ready in no time.

Jeans Outfit Ideas

When it comes to a pair of jeans, it all boils down to the fit. Majority of times, it's game over if you have baggy, loose, or frayed jeans on. So, to dress up for Valentine's Day is to find a well-fitted jeans (a boot cut or slim-fit) and a shirt or t-shirt. As per the weather, add layers with either a coat or jacket, sweater vest, cardigan, scarf, or hat.

Jacket & Scarf


Knit Cardigan

Winter Coat & Jacket

Leather Jacket

Pants Outfit Ideas

Whether your outfit includes a suit, dress or casual pants, khaki chinos, or slim-fit pants, it's no secret that the fit has to be impeccable; trust us, this investment will be fruitful. Either of these pant styles can be dressed up with a blazer, coat, or jacket. The important thing to keep in mind while dressing up is the time of the day and location.

Suit, No Tie

Winter Jacket

V-neck Sweater

Winter Coat & Jacket

Denim Shirt

We would like to leave you with a simple advice whenever you're trying to get ready for an event―take some time to understand the styles and trends that look good on you; and importantly, the ones that don't. As there are hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to men's fashion, you will have a ton of dress code ideas for a variety of different occasions.