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16 Practical Hacks to Make Christmas Even More Special

Rujuta Patil Dec 18, 2018
You need not go far away looking for all those easy Christmas hacks. It's a matter of a few offbeat ideas and some creativity - like using tin cans to gift cookies and decorating pinecones in colorful woolen accessories.
In place of the usual bows and ribbons, you can go for handmade gift boxes and tags, or even use memorable family photographs as tags. If you are taking gifts along on the vacation, avoid fancy items and try attractive cloth wraps.
Christmas tree decorations can be easier with simple paper ornaments: snowflakes, Christmas trees, balls, stars, cookies, etc. You can also hang these elsewhere in the house.
Pinecones can make great Christmas hacks. You can dip some in white paint and put them together with the normal ones in a basket. Or, you can make cute animals out of them; just paint a face and put a woolen hat over them.
Create each day as a star, heart, or sock, and hang them separately onto red or green ropes. If these ornaments have pockets, make some cute soft toys to hang in them.
There are plenty of Christmas food hacks: marshmallows at the end of candy cane sticks, frozen cranberries to embellish the wine bucket, or frozen snowflakes of whipped cream (cut using cookie cutter) as a topping on hot chocolate.
Be a part of Christmas decorations yourself, as you get your nails to look super-festive this year. Either follow a design, or get traditional snowflakes, stars, or Christmas trees on your nails, to make them stand out.
To find what you were exactly looking for while decorating the Christmas tree, why not store all the little decorative pieces in perfect casings? Like the golden, silver, and blue balls in separate egg cartons, or multicolored and miniature ornaments in plastic cups, and so on.
Using wine glasses upside down as votive is one of the easy Christmas hacks. A quick trick - it also elevates the ambiance. Also, pinecones, snowflakes, ball ornaments, with pieces of tinsel can go inside the hollow glass for a better look.
Fill in all the icing in these condiment bottles to have fun drawing and decorating the delicious gingerbread and cookies.

Christmas Light Hacks

Keep your pretty Christmas lights untangled, by wrapping them neatly on a hanger, or on a piece of cardboard. Carve a handle on the top to grab and hold it too. Another light hack is inserting tiny light bulbs into ping pong balls, by making a slit on their surface.

Christmas Tree from Books

If you don't have a huge Christmas tree to decorate, make it big with some books. Pile the books up in a circular fashion, with each kept over 2 books underneath it, like brickwork. Add a tiny Christmas tree on top of it, or any other triangular shape, and let the Christmas lights walk up this spiral book staircase.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Wrap the star, gingerbread, bell-shaped, and other cookie cutters with a gorgeous red ribbon. Attach it to a string, and you have some unique and pretty-looking Christmas ornaments.

Santa Footprints

Spray some baking powder or rice flour around a foot-shaped cutout. As adorable as it sounds - creating Santa's footprints on the floor, starting from under the Christmas sock, can easily ensure one happy 'core memory' for your little one.

Ice-cream Cone Christmas Tree

Give the kids a chance to make a little mess and let them decorate a sugar cone turning it upside down. Use cream, colorful sprinkles or chocolate chips to make beautiful Christmas trees (the easier way).

Instant Chocolate Peels

Instead of running the chocolate slab over a grater as lightly as you can, try a potato peeler to get nice and long chocolate peels. Press a little harder to get thicker peels.
And, of course, there can be many more of such simple tips and hacks you can employ every year to make Christmas much more fun and memorable. Merry Xmas.