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Halloween Activities for Teenagers

Aastha Dogra Oct 19, 2018
'Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world.
~William Shakespeare
While discussing teenage activities, what I've found most difficult, is drawing the line between those who are 13 and a little more and those that are just above 16. There is just so much difference between these two groups, that it's impossible to suggest the same activities for both.
Anyway, that apart, let's look at the complete list of activities, after which, you can choose activities that amuse you the most.

A Freaky Fashion Show!

Even if you're wearing costumes that will scare most people, you'd still want to look good, wouldn't you? So, this Halloween, make your costume look the best of them all. Plan a fashion show and/or a dance competition.
Inform your friends in advance; let them get enough time to prepare. Think of what you're going to give as a prize. Don't judge the show yourselves or ask any parents to do so. Call someone who won't give a biased opinion.

Wrap the Dead Body!

To play this scary Halloween game, divide the teens into pairs. One of them has to play a dead body and the other one has to wrap him in a white cloth, making sure that none of his body parts are even a little visible.
You need to give the same amount of cloth to all the pairs. To have even more fun, cut the cloth into pieces so that it takes more time for the person to wrap his partner. The pair which is able to 'wrap the dead body' quickest, is declared the winner!

Dare to Scare!

Every person who attends the party, is given 10 sheets of paper. On every sheet, the person has to write one dare, someone else from the party can pull off. This dare has to be something that will scare other people, whether at the party or not.
Form chits out of these sheets and put them in a bowl. Now, start playing pass the parcel. Whoever loses, has to pick up a random chit and do whatever is mentioned inside.

Weave Creepy Stories!

These parties will always be incomplete without the spooky and creepy atmosphere, so associated with Halloween. So, an interesting activity that you can undertake, is to discuss ghost stories.
Keep the room lightly dim, play some soft, creepy music in the background and tell each other some spine-chilling tales!
Warning: This game can get really frightening after sometime.

Scary Movie Quiz!

Make a list of horror movies and try to find out famous dialogs from each of them. As a part of a quiz, recite these dialogs in front of your friends and make them guess the name of the movie they are from.
Ask everyone in turn, and the people who can't score a minimum of some number, have to pick up a dare again. Either you can have a new set of dares, or if you've played the game we discussed before, you can use the same chits.

Hit the Streets!

A Halloween activity HAS TO be a lot of fun, isn't it? You and all of your friends, can dress up in costumes and scare people on the streets. Think of different ways in which you can do this.
You can follow people secretly and make sounds to make them feel as though someone is following them, or you can just pretend to walk along with them and act as though you can't see and/or hear them. Don't go overboard with this trick and know where to draw the line.

Snap The Apple!

To add a little traditional touch to all your activities, plan an apple bobbing contest. The winner, has to give every person present at the party a dare that involves scaring people. Everyone has to then abide by the rule, and carry out the dare. Don't forget to tie everyone's hands behind their backs before the contest.

Dress 'em Up!

If you are looking for activities that will help you with your Halloween decorations, this activity is something you should try. However, it might cost you more than the others. Rent 2 mannequins and buy material you think will help in decorating them.
Divide all the people in 2 groups and ask each group to decorate their mannequin. The scariest mannequin wins the contest. Renting 1 mannequin might cost you approximately $50/week.

Cook 'em Quick!

No Halloween party is complete without some scary treats. As a part of all the activities, you can also take up one more, that involves cooking. Divide all the people into groups of 2 or 4.
Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth. Buy enough groceries to suffice the number of groups. All the groups have to prepare something that is on the lines of the theme, and they have to do this fast. Everyone will be judged on taste and on the time of preparation as well.

Mischief Managed!

Plan a treasure hunt for everyone who attends your party. Let the treasure be a basket full of Halloween goodies. Have separate routes that help each team to reach a different destination. Another option is to have just one gift basket, that can be reached by different routes.
The second option is more preferable as it increases competition and decreases your effort to make more than one gift basket. Plan a scary hunt, so that everyone has to fight fear in a way to reach their gift basket. Once they manage this mischief, they become proud owners of the treasure!
These activities, if planned well, can make your party memorable and a lot of fun. If you have the time and the help, you can plan all the activities mentioned.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!