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Halloween Cheek Art

Shashank Nakate Oct 19, 2018
Let's see some important Halloween cheek art ideas and designs. The procedures to paint various designs for Halloween are presented ahead.
The festive occasion of Halloween brings with it the celebratory mood and people resort to many different activities. Face painting is one such activity of Halloween which is enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Water-based paints are commonly used for this activity. Ghost paintings, skull shapes and other such designs are suited for this occasion. Ghost paintings are an integral part of Halloween.

Cheek Art for Halloween

The use of scary images is one of the Halloween cheek painting ideas. Painting fake blood, scars and giving a pale appearance is one of the important characteristics of Halloween cheek face paintings. Here are few of the commonly used face painting designs for Halloween.


The Jack-o'-lantern is basically a pumpkin that is carved out for Halloween. Design of the Jack-o'-lantern is easy to create. One would require colors like orange, black and green for making this Halloween cheek painting.
The base color for shape of pumpkin should be orange. The orange color should be painted in oval or circular shape. Black colored small triangles should form the features like eyes and nose. A toothy smile should also be painted in black color. To complete the shape of pumpkin, a green colored stem should be painted above the oval shape.


It is probably the simplest painting of all for the occasion of Halloween. White is the main color needed for painting a ghost.
A roughly triangular shape with wavy outline forms the framework of this design. Portion of this painting which lies near the tip should be added with facial features. Black colored dots form the eyes and nose.

Candy Corn

It is one of the most popular Halloween cheek art designs and making a painting of it is very easier. Shape of the candy corn is pyramidal/conical. This pyramidal painting is divided into three sections. The bottom portion is painted yellow, middle one with orange and the topmost or tip of this painting is white in color.

Halloween Spider Web

The Halloween spider web can be made easily. One should first paint the web with white color. A diamond shape should be painted at center of the design. Threads of the web should be drawn with white color and which emerge from the diamond shape.

Skull Shape

It is one of the easiest designs to draw and requires white paint. Shape of the skull is a bit rounded at the top. The base and sides of the painting are flat.
Drawing two bones in a manner that they appear crossed to each other adds to the scary look of skull. The skull is marked with cavities at the portion where eyes are located. Two big, black dots represent this cavity. The nasal cavity is painted by means of two small holes.
It is possible to create many more, similar designs for Halloween. One should also make use of his/her own ideas for Halloween face painting.