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Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Rujuta Borkar Oct 19, 2018
Read to know more about some Halloween costume ideas for women that you can take inspiration from and then make some heads turn at the party. Ready?
So you've been invited to so and so's party and you need to make a lasting impression. But how to make a lasting impression? Especially when everyone will be decked up? Why then, you'll need to find something that is completely new and hasn't ever been out for anyone to see.
And the only way to get there is to draw some inspiration from among the most unique Halloween costume ideas for women. Have a look at some of these and make sure that you get a great choice to make from.

Adult Halloween Costumes

There are several choices to make from, and depending on the theme at the Halloween party you can choose your style of dressing. And if there is no particular theme running then there's no dearth of choice either.

Moulin Rouge

Sizzling hot. Provocatively tempting. Temperatures soaring high. Crimson and feathers. Let's start with this sensuous number! Get into the Moulin Rouge faze through and through, no excuses and no half-hearted attempts. Just refer to any of the movie pictures and you'll know what you're aiming for.
The corset blouse with a low neckline, the short pants with black stockings and the best of all―the hat! You've got to do a feathered hat! Remember that the costume has to be satin and shiny. And if you're worried about the shorty short pants, then just get a skirt with a high slit. But make the skirt as short as possible with lace in the ends.
Add to the whole allure with a choker in the neck and black sheer gloves for the hands. Oh and a garter belt if you are as bold to carry it off. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Devil's Hottie

Red leather from head to toe. Make this one shiny and smooth. An almost bell bottomed pant and a matching red blouse or tube top (it could be a sleeveless number) that ends way above the navel and has a knot in place. And the devil's horns―you just have to do that one.
And if you're the ever so bold one, then tie a red tail at the back. Red lipstick and red heels, and you're all set to rock this naughty costume.

Sailor Cadet

It's just something about sailors and their costumes. Now how to turn this into an intriguing number?
A mini dress that ends just below the upper thighs and the whitest of white half stockings that start a little after the dress ends (there has to be a little skin show). Team it up with white sandals, a red bow and a sailor's hat. The dress could be a low necked, high collared work. The choice is up to you!

Other Adult Costumes

French Maid

Santa's Helper

Crystal Ball Gypsy Woman

  • Playboy Bunny
  • FBI Agent
  • Fire Woman
  • Candy Striper
  • Daisy Mae
  • Camper Girl

Good Halloween Costumes

If you're not really into the skin show, low necks, and pouty lips then there are a whole lot of other easy Halloween costumes to choose from. Here are some of them.

Alice in Wonderland

One of the best ideas for Halloween costumes? Make the dress long and the hair straight and add a lot of peach blush for that flush to your cheeks. Clog shoes and a headband if you just have to go there.

Dark Angel

A black skimpy number (or whatever is comfortable for you), with no sleeves. Black stockings, black heels, and a set of black wings and a black halo. Subtle, yet intriguing.

Deck Pirate

A peasant frock with the length that is comfortable for you. Team this up with a corset-esque mini blouse and layer the costume. Black boots, a bandanna, do the eye patch if you want to, and don't forget the sword for that added effect.

Other Costumes

  • Jasmine
  • Olive Oyl
  • Betty Boop
  • Princess Fiona
  • 50's Film starlet
  • Morticia Addams
These Halloween costume ideas for women should be able to help you draw out and design some of the best costumes this Halloween. Get to it then, and you go make an entrance that they won't forget anytime soon.