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Halloween Costumes for College Students

Neha Joshi Oct 19, 2018
Here are some easy, homemade Halloween costumes that, as a student, you are absolutely going to adore. Look super spectacular this Halloween.
With Halloween parties in full swing and invitations flying out in every direction, it's difficult to miss even one of them, isn't it? Specially for college students, it must be party time every night!
It must be getting confusing as to what exactly to wear to the Halloween night so that you can look your best and better than the rest. Let's make this a little easy for you and see some costumes for college students, what's easy, and what's not.

Twilight Saga Vampires and Werewolves

What do you need today to be a vampire? A pair of fake teeth, some black clothes, and red lipstick? Yes, that's all you need. After the Twilight saga, everyone would want to be a vampire and this costume is perhaps the easiest of the lot.
You can get fake teeth from any store, there is always red lipstick at home, and so are the black clothes. This is the best choice if you're searching last minute as it takes no time, no money, and no thinking even. For the werewolves, it's even easier. All you need is a pair of rugged, worn out shorts.

The Joker!

What do you need to be the Joker from Dark Knight? You'll get all the suits at home or probably borrow one from your dad.
If you don't live with your parents, you can borrow one from a friend. All you need to take care of is the paint, with which you will have to make your face look exactly like that of the joker. Do this by yourself or ask another friend to do it for you. In any case, this shouldn't take you more than half an hour with all the materials available at home.


The Avatar Look!

Weren't all of us simply fascinated with the way Jake and Neytiri looked in the movie Avatar? Did the look not seem magical and super sensual? Well ... it's Halloween and it's your time to look the same.
With Avatar being such a recent movie and with everyone really wanting to dress up as either Jake or Neytiri, you will surely get these costumes in any store as they are one the most creative. If you guys are a lot, you all can pick your favorite characters from the movie and dress accordingly.

Las Vegas It Is!

Yes, Las Vegas is a theme you can very conveniently experiment with. You can dress up as a multimillionaire or as a pole dancer even! Though you need to be decent with what you wear, it's Halloween and a little bit of stepping outside the line won't do any harm, would it?

M.J and the Lady!

Have you every thought of grooming yourself like as Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga in real life? No, right? Well ... here is your chance. For the girls to dress up like Lady Gaga, it won't take anything more than the clothes in your closet and the same goes for the MJ look too.
There may be a problem with the jacket for Gaga and the Hat for Jackson, but you can buy that for cheap in any Halloween costume store.

Bring on the Masks!

If you have absolutely no time and no money to spend even though it's Halloween, perhaps the best idea is to wear something, anything that you can't wear normally.
Take out all the flashy and jazzy clothes out of your closet, mix and match everything possible, and to make the outfit look special, just make a spectacularly creative Halloween mask.
Remember, to look good at Halloween you don't need a lot of money, you need a lot of thinking. Go for it and look the best you can.