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Halloween Costumes for Groups

Neha Joshi Oct 19, 2018
Tired of hunting for those Halloween costumes for your group? Well ... you'll be more than happy knowing of these ideas.
Halloween is one event that is really looked forward to. And what's looked forward to the most? The costumes undoubtedly.
People start planning months in advance to look their scary best. While it's important to look scary, it doesn't hurt to be a little unique, does it? Just a little makeup doesn't do the trick anymore. Let's look at a few options.



If you go to a Halloween party dressed as a bunch of pirates, it sure is going to look funny. One of you can very prominently be Jack Sparrow and the rest, his crew.
If the group is really big, half of you can be Jack Sparrow's crew, and the other half can be the crew from Davy Jones' ship. However, let us remind you that though this is a really great idea, it's very time consuming.

Make Way for Noddy

Imagine yourself going to a Halloween party dressed as Noddy with a bell on your cap or as Big Ears. The costumes are surely going to attract everyone's attention and call for some laughs. While it'll be alright to see kids don these costumes, it'll be really hilarious if a group of adults plan to adopt it.

The Avatar Look

Didn't the characters look nothing less than magical? As a group, you can all dress up as characters from Avatar; for the tails, you will just have to buy them or make them at home. You can look for online make up tutorials and do the make up too, at home. Look at a few pictures on the Internet and make a list of accessories that you'll need.

Jungle Book

One of the most creative themes, you can really experiment a lot with it. One of you can decide to be Mowgli (All the adults, you know why you need to stay away from this one!), and the rest can dress up as different animal characters from the series.
There surely are many for all of you to dress up as a different one. Dressing up as Tarzan and Jane is a great idea for a couple.

Three Musketeers

Perhaps one of the oldest costume ideas, this still rocks! It might get a little repetitive, but who cares? You have to make the costumes look better than the rest. These costumes are easily available at most costume stores.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione

This group of three is perhaps the most famous group in the world today. Who doesn't know them? From children to adults, these three have got themselves a huge fan following the past decade. If you have a bigger group, the rest can dress up as other characters. Don't leave the ghosts out.

The Fantastic Four

Like the name suggests, this idea will work only with a group of four people. You have Mister Fantastic, Invisible Girl/Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing. These costumes will also be readily available at most costume stores.

The Twilight Vampires and Werewolves

Aren't you thinking which one you want to be already?! You have so many options here. From the Cullens to the Blacks, you can choose any character you want. Here is your chance to be a part of their world, for just one night.
So what if it's just the costumes? If you decide to be the vampires, you have to be as stylish as you can, and if you plan to be werewolves, you will need some sexy shorts, right?
Remember, zeroing in on an idea is only half the work done, maybe even lesser. Start preparing these costumes in time or you'll have to settle for something last minute.